Central Park Portraits | Gerard + JessieNovember 13, 2013

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StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 17

Fall in Central Park may be one of the most magical things I have been able to experience in my life.  In fact, I was almost late to this session with Jessie + Gerard, because I literally got so lost in the park because I was in awe of my surroundings.  I just looked up and realized I had no idea where I was…thankfully Google maps helped me get to the Boathouse!

Jessie is a new and sweet friend out in the city (who happens to run one of my favorite blogs called Style and Pepper).  She and her husband Gerard and their darling puppy Sadie met me in Central Park for a quick portrait session and I’m so glad they did!

StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 19 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 18 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 20 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 21

StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 23

StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 22 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 24 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 25 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 26

StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 28

StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 27 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 29 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 30 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 31 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 32

These next three shots may be my favorite from the day!  These two have so much spunk, and I love it.

StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 33 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 34 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 35 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 36 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 37 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 38




  1. So gorgeous! Love these :-D

  2. AHHHHH! I can’t even form words around how precious these photos are to us, my dear! That last one? I can’t stop looking at our sweet Sadie-girl’s expression, and we are so excited to finally have a fabulous family portrait to display and share. You are amazing, and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen such warmth and connection shine through shots like yours.

    Love you, girl! XO

  3. These pictures capture the beauty of their relationship.

  4. Good variety of photos and quite charming.

  5. Kat! These are so beautiful and so incredible. I totally teared up looking at them because you captured their love and relationship in such a special way. Jess and Gerard, love you both so much! What a treasure these must be to you.

  6. these could not be more pretty – gorgeous, Jessie & Gerard!!

  7. I LOVE these photos. You really captured their love and joy for each other. Such a beautiful family!

  8. Ohhhh my gosh Jessie and Gerard you guys are TOO MUCH. This is so lovely, you can see your love for each other in these photos! xx

  9. THESE ARE SOOOOO GORGEOUS! Oh man…you made Central Park look GOOD. Of course, these two are fabulous too! And their wardrobe? I DIE.

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