David + Colby Vow Renewal | DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge

How little we knew of love then.  So much has happened since then.  We were just a couple of kids madly in love, ready for life’s adventures…-Colby to David.

Last week I got to photograph a sweet + intimate vow renewal.  We were on Brooklyn Bridge at sunset + there were bikers flying by + tourists with their selfie sticks.  But as Colby + David celebrated their 10 years of marriage and spoke vows to one another once again; it was sacred.  (My tears began to fog up my view finder on my camera).  I’m inspired by their love, authenticity and commitment to each other + their family.  It gives me so much hope.  Love is always worth the fight.



Shannon | Central Park Maternity

Shannon is breath taking.  I don't know what else to say.  She makes pregnancy look easy.  We ran around Central Park last week in the magic of fall with her husband Michael and 1 year old daughter Hadley.  We tried getting some group pics...but come on if you were little wouldn't you just want to run + play all over the place too?  (I'm 30...and it's what I want to do too!)

Congratulations Michael + Shannon on welcoming Baby #2.  I can't wait to meet her!



Patrick + Kelsey | Nasher Sculpture Center | Dallas Wedding


A friend asked me last night, "What is your favorite and most creative wedding you've ever photographed?".   I sat there and thought for a minute.  My response to her was that what stands out to me more than any amount of artistic details (though those are of course fun to see + photograph) is the connection between the couple.  The sweet and authentic love between Patrick and Kesley, and the love their families and friends had for one another left me in tears multiple times through out their wedding weekend.

Patrick and Kelsey met and started dating in high school, and have been together for almost 10 years.  And even still when they saw each other for the first time they were both blissful and giddy.  Everyone in their wedding party grew up together....like I'm talking elementary through high school and college.  So the level of joy and support and love coming from all angles was really unique and special.

Couples like Patrick and Kelsey remind me why I do what I do, and why I consider it such an honor to be apart of a couple's unique journey.  You two are gems.  I'm so grateful our paths crossed.  And I hope you're enjoying St. Lucia!!!



Thank you to the incredible vendors that created such a beautiful wedding:

Event Coordination:  Hannah, DFW Events

Venue:  Nasher Sculpture Center

Gown:  Watters

DUMBO Engagements | Nico + Meredith

DumboEngagementPhotography.MN1 "We were seeing each other without even looking at each other..."

This is how Nico described the night he met Meredith at a restaurant in Manhattan.  Hearing him say that was powerful.  To really see someone is so much more than looking at them with your eyes.  It's their presence; it's their ways of being.  And from their first meeting, he says, they saw each other in this way.  It was instant.  They were just drawn to each other.

He's from Paris, and she's from New Orleans, and they both found their way to New York with different jobs around 3 years ago.  A thousand things happened in a thousand tiny ways that each led them to that exact restaurant on the same night where they saw each other.  Stories like these affirm to me that there is no such thing as accidents.

Nico and Meredith are kind.  They laugh a lot with each other, and what I noticed about them is how deeply they care for one another.  Congratulations on your engagement y'all!  Thank you for giving me permission to enter such a beautiful space with you two!



DumboEngagementPhotography.MN3ADumboEngagementPhotography.MN4 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN2 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN5A DumboEngagementPhotography.MN6A DumboEngagementPhotography.MN8 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN9A DumboEngagementPhotography.MN11 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN12 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN14 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN15 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN16 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN17 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN18 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN19 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN20 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN21 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN22 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN23 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN24 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN25 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN26 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN27 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN28 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN29 DumboEngagementPhotography.MN30

Hair:  The DryBar + Make-up:  FaceTime Beauty

Liberty Warehouse Brooklyn Wedding | Jesse + Jen

LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-49 "You're one of the pickiest people I know...and you picked me!" Jen giggled and gave Jesse a sassy look as she read her vows.  He just looked right back at her with such love in his eye, and then couldn't help but laugh too.  It was one of my favorite moments of the day.

Jesse and Jen have been together for six years now, and I've gotten to know them over the past year getting ready for their wedding.  Here's what I have experienced about the two of them:   Jesse and Jen are passionate about living lives of depth and purpose.  They care deeply about their family and friends.  And they are intelligent, well spoken, and never forget to laugh and enjoy every every second of their adventurous lives.

You two,  I just had the most fun getting to know y'all and your journey!  I'm so excited for this next season for the two of you in South America....I'm positive it will be such an incredible adventure.



LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-3ALibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-26LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-2A LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-27LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-29 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-28 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-7LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-9ALibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-8LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-11ALibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-12 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-30LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-15A LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-31 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-32 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-33LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-13LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-36 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-34LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-10 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-37LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-35 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-38 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-39 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-40LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-17a LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-41 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-42 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-20 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-45LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-44

I love this shot.  I feel like it's Jesse + Jen to a 'T'.

LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-46LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-21 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-47LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-22 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-48LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-24 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-25A LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-50LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-43 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-23 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-52

Marshall + Mallory | Houston Wedding


"When you're walking down that aisle and seeing your partner for the first time on your wedding day you won't be thinking about the past, your heartbreaks, your mistakes...you'll be thinking He was so worth the wait".  A pastor friend of mine told me that years ago, and I've never forgotten it.

The waiting is hard, and can be lonely, frustrating, and every emotion in between. But when you meet that person and find yourself on your wedding day; it will be so worth the wait.  I believe that.

Shooting Marshall and Mallory's wedding was this fleshed out.  They didn't see each other before the ceremony.  The moment when the doors opened and Mallory and her dad walked down the aisle was powerful.  It brought tears to my eyes.  It was holy.

Marshall and Mallory you two are special individually and as a couple.  I'm so grateful that you chose me to capture your day.  God has beautiful things for the two of you.  I truly believe the best is yet to come.


Kat SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-27 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-28SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-8 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-29SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-1SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-2 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-30 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-31SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-7SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-6A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-32 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-33SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-4A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-34SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-14A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-36SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-10A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-37 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-38SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-12SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-39SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-15 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-40 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-16 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-42SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-17 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-43SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-18SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-19 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-44 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-45 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-47 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-48SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-20A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-49SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-24SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-23A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-25 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-51 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-26SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-54 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-55 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-56

I usually don't post a ton of reception pictures.  But honestly...how could I not?


PS.  Shout out to Lindsey Shea for being an incredible assistant!  You're the bomb.com

Keith + Ashley | Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding

PleasantdaleChateauWedding-3 Keith and Ashley.  The energy the two of you bring into a room is magnetic.  Keith I love how you just own the room.  You know no stranger, and can make people feel at ease in a second.  Ashley I love how caring and thoughtful you are.  The women in your life look up to you in a very real and precious way.

Together the two of you are generous, thoughtful, and bursting at the seams with life.  Your best is yet to come.  Thank you for entrusting me to capture your wedding; it was such a gift!











PleasantdaleChateauWedding-16PleasantdaleChateauWedding-17 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-4

PleasantdaleChateauWedding-18 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-5


PleasantdaleChateauWedding-6 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-7 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-21 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-22 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-25 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-26 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-27 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-28 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-29 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-30 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-31 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-32



New York Public Library Engagements | Jin + Caroline


My mamma always said when you know you know, and you'll move mountains to make something happen.  Caroline and Jin met through mutual friends when she was visiting New York City for the weekend from LA.  They felt a connection early on, and even though they were on opposite coasts they decided to give it a chance.  Because when you know something is special you fight for it.  You make it work.  You make things happen.

Well Jin ended up moving to LA, and proposed last fall to Caroline in Napa Valley.  (I mean can it get any more romantic).

We had so much fun running through the streets of Manhattan a few weeks ago, and I cannot wait to shoot their wedding this fall.






NewYorkPublicLibraryEngagements.CJ-3 NewYorkPublicLibraryEngagements.CJ-4

NewYorkPublicLibraryEngagements.CJ-8Hair + Make-up by: FaceTime Beauty

University Club Wedding | Peter + Lauren


Lauren is about as Southern as they come. She's a Texas girl complete with class, elegance, and southern charm. When Peter, the Midwestern boy turned Manhattan Lawyer, spotted her at church he knew he wanted to ask her out. The only thing was getting ahold of Lauren was tricky business. Peter started finding any excuse to hang out with Lauren and her friends, but each time he showed up she mysteriously wasn't around. After much persistence they ended up hanging out with some friends one night, and he asked her out. They went for dinner the following week, and it's safe to say they quickly fell for one another. When they got engaged they knew instantly that they wanted to get married at The University Club in Manhattan. Both of them had attended weddings and events there and loved it. Lauren and Peter's wedding was beautiful, not to mention NYC graced us with a beautiful Spring day!

Lauren + Peter y'all are such a gift + I hope you're enjoying your honeymoon so much! XO, Kat






UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-5 UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-4 UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-28 UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-7 UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-8






UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-10 UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-11 UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-12 UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-13 UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-14




UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-16 UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-17 UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-18









UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-21 UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-22 UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-23 UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-43

UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-25 UniversityClubWeddingPhotography-26





Dumbo + Brooklyn Bridge Engagements | Aaron + Brynn


These two are cool cats.  Really though.  Brynn is a lifestyle blogger in NYC + Aaron is an amazing videographer that travels all over the world to create.  Together they are this creative ball of energy, and so much fun to be around.  They recently got engaged in Paris (ummm...way to go for that one Aaron!) + so we decided to run around Dumbo + Brooklyn Bridge for a bit last week to snap some photos of their newly engaged selves.   I mean they're like ridiculously cute right?







Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-1 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-2


Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-8 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-9





Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-18 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-14 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-19


Tim + Jenn | Dumbo Engagements


Tim and Jenn are what I call a counter cultural couple.  They are grounded in their vision for themselves + the world.  They are up to big things.  They're the type of couple that I proudly get to call friends + eagerly await to see what God has in store for their lives together.  During a break in the snow this week we ran around Dumbo to shoot their engagements.  We drank coffee, talked, laughed, and shared our dreams with each other.

I walked away from my time with them inspired and challenged.

Tim + Jenn thank you for sharing your souls + your story with me.  For the two of you there are endless possibilities.

Much love,


Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-1 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-3 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-4 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-5 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-6 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-7 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-8 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-9 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-10 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-11 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-12 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-13 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-14 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-16 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-17 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-18 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-19 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-20 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-21 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-22 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-24 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-23

Lula Kate + Kate McDonald Bridal

1.LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-16 The stars aligned last fall when Beth Chapman of The White Dress reached out to me to photograph a shoot she put together with Lula Kate bridesmaids + wedding gown designer Kate McDonald.  It turned out to be the All-American , preppy girl dream bridal shoot (and I was swooning every second of the day--Kate McDonald even hand painted this wedding gown!).  We had a team of amazing creatives to pull off this bride + bridesmaid shoot , and Connecticut was the perfect backdrop.

Style Me Pretty published the shoot on their site today.  Please venture over + share some love!

I cannot wait to work with these fabulous ladies again!
















LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-11A LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-14 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-17



LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-23 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-24 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-26 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-27 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-28 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-31



The Dream Team

Photographer:  Kat Harris

Creative Production + Stylist:  Beth, The White Dress

Hair:  Emily Reale

Make-up:  Jennie Fresa

Florals:  Hana Floral Design

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lula Kate

Wedding Gown:  Kate McDonald

Tablescape + Decor:  True Event

Linens:  La Tavola Linens

Invitations + Paperie:  Tie the Binds Weddings

Jason + Lauren | Dallas Wedding Photography


When I think of Lauren and Jason I think of: depth, authenticity, laughter, and power.  What is amazing about their love is that individually they both have passion to be a positive voice in our culture, and together the power they have to be leaders in our world is endless. (Not to mention their love is completely infectious!) Their wedding day was flawless. Surrounded by their family and community they celebrated what God has done in their lives, and their journey towards forever. Lauren was so full of peace and so grounded that day, and Jason is always a ball of energy and such a light. Their ceremony was intimate and tears and laughter brought their announcement of husband and wife. Todd Events created an effortless winter chic vibe, and to say there was an epic dance party is an understatement. Jason and Lauren you two are gems. You bring such light to our world, and we are so excited for your lives to unfold! XO, Kat + Linz

P.S.  Another really special part of shooting this wedding was the unique experience I got to shoot with one of my long time friends Lindsey Shea.  Lindsey is one of the most intentional + loyal people that I have met.  It was a unique situation because we got to team up together.  I'm so grateful to have gone through this experience with her!  Lindsey I love you friend!

P.S.S.  Be sure + check out our feature on Style Me Pretty today!






Kennedy-Scruggs079 Kennedy-Scruggs115 Kennedy-Scruggs124 Kennedy-Scruggs125 Kennedy-Scruggs164


Kennedy-Scruggs418A Kennedy-Scruggs448 Kennedy-Scruggs459 Kennedy-Scruggs466 Kennedy-Scruggs467

Kennedy-Scruggs487A Kennedy-Scruggs592 Kennedy-Scruggs607


Kennedy-Scruggs656 Kennedy-Scruggs724 Kennedy-Scruggs729 Kennedy-Scruggs732A Kennedy-Scruggs747 Kennedy-Scruggs751

Toddy + Angela of Todd Events created an beautiful winter chic vibe for the reception!

Kennedy-Scruggs1214 Kennedy-Scruggs1222A Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding657 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding663 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding679

It was so cool to see my NYC Pastor, Carl Lentz, at the wedding!  He represented NYC!

Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding704 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding755 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding801 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding840 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding1068

How amazing does this cake by Fancy Cakes look?? (I may have had a bite + it was delicious!!)


These folks know how to PAR-TAY...

Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding1125 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding1218 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding1296 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding1300

Photography:  Lindsey Shea + Kat Harris 

Event Design:  Todd Events

Paperie:  Scarlet + Gold

First Gown:  Romona Keveza

Pink Gown:  Nardos Imam

Hair + Make-up:  Remba Productions

Venue:  Four Seasons Dallas

Band:  Cuvee

Jason + Lauren | Sneak Peek


Light, depth, beauty, creativity, laughter, movement.  That's the love that Jason + Lauren share with each other + the world.  Lindsey Shea + I are so honored to have photographed their Dallas Wedding last week.  We love y'all!  Check People Magazine for more on their wedding.

[Hair + Make-up:  Rachel of Remba Productions]

Tommy + Alicia's Winter Wedding


The day of Tommy and Alicia's wedding just happened to be the day of NYC's first snow of the year.  Neither of them skipped a beat about the snowflakes falling all day on their wedding day.  What I love about these two is their ability to completely light up a room when they walk into it.  No cold weather could stop these two from celebrating.  Throughout the day I kept noticing that no matter what was going on, Tommy and Alicia would find themselves next to each other and they would be sharing a quiet laughter, or sneak a kiss.  They're so connected.  Their love is so authentic and deep; it radiates all around them.

Tommy + Alicia you two just make me smile!  I'm so honored that I could capture your beautiful day!  Cheers to an epic journey together!  The best is yet to come!












TheVenetianWeddingNJ.AT-131 TheVenetianWeddingNJ.AT-193 TheVenetianWeddingNJ.AT-215 TheVenetianWeddingNJ.AT-279 TheVenetianWeddingNJ.AT-298 TheVenetianWeddingNJ.AT-354 TheVenetianWeddingNJ.AT-380 TheVenetianWeddingNJ.AT-382






TheVenetianWeddingNJ.AT-539 TheVenetianWeddingNJ.AT-586 TheVenetianWeddingNJ.AT-644 TheVenetianWeddingNJ.AT-786 TheVenetianWeddingNJ.AT-875





Venue:  The Venetian

Thanks Jen for being an amazing assistant + second shooter.  You're the bomb.com:)