Highline Hotel Chelsea Wedding | Patrick + Emily


And her heart was the best part, 

it would always calm the storm for those who were afraid of a little rain.

-R.M. Drake

On our way to the ceremony it began to pour buckets of rain the way it does in New York City summers:  completely out of nowhere not cognizant of our plans.  It just rains--even when it's your wedding day and you're walking to the ceremony and get trapped under a bridge.  Just like it happened on Patrick and Emily's wedding day.

Something about it was sorta perfect though.  Because isn't that life?  You have all of these perfect plans, and then something happens out of left field.  There's nothing you can do about it and it's not even about the thing; it's what you make of it.  And the light heartedness and laughter that Emily had about being stuck under a dirty bridge in Chelsea in her wedding dress made me feel confident that these two are going to move through lifes unexpected moments with open hands--because they embrace the unexpected.

The rain stopped, and we ran to the ceremony, and the weather was perfect for portraits, and they seriously danced the night away.  I mean these guys know how to have a dance party!

Patrick and Emily you two are some of my dream clients.  You're authentic, so connected to each other, and you love your tribe so well!  I can't wait to see life unfold for y'all!  Thank you for letting me be apart of your journey!



Thanks to an incredible dream team:

Photography:  Kat Harris + Frederick Castleberry, Kat Harris Photography

Ellen, Sidekick Events

Frank Alexander NYC

Nikki Avanzino, Hair Stylist

Sonnier Castle, Catering

Mint Wedding Cinematography

DJ Marvin Meyers

Warren Z Productions

Photo Booth MVS Studios


St. Thomas Wedding | Rodrigo + Lindsey

You are the




and most beautiful person 

I have ever known.

--and even that is an understatement.

-F. Scot Fitzgerald

P.S.  I think everyone should have a wedding week.  They're sorta the best.  Thanks Rodrigo + Lindsey for having us!




Thank you to an incredible team in St. Thomas:

The Marriott Frenchman's Reef St. Thomas

Second Shooter:  Tutti del Monte

Museum of the City of New York Wedding | Andrew + Kira

'I don't believe in magic.'

The young boy said.

The old man smiled.

'You will when you see her.'


Patrick + Emily | DUMBO Engagements

And as I sat and looked at her,

and the rolling hills she sat upon,

I thought, what amazing luck I have,

that the world had created such beautiful things,

and given me the eyes to seem them.


Clark + Becca | Second Baptist Houston Wedding


And for us this the end of all the stories, and we can most truly say that they all lived happily ever after.  But for them it was only the beginning of the real story.  All their life in this world and all their adventures in Narnia had only been the cover and the title page:  now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read:  which goes on forever, in which every chapter is better than the one before.

-CS Lewis


Sarah Seven Bridal | The Romantics Collection

Minutes before doors opened to her Bridal Romantics Collection Presentation she had someone on her team light a cigar and puff the sweet smoke throughout the room.

With her indie playlist going in the background; it was the final touch to complete her Parisian Bistro dream come reality.  And to me that is a glimpse into the world of Sarah Seven.  She is attentive to the tiny details.  The ones we may not even notice, but out of conviction and creativity she executes anyways.  That is inspiring to me.  And she invites you into her world of romance, spunk, and adventure.  

Getting to work with Sarah and her team the last several months has been an adventure.  There has been more than one dance party, and lots of laughter.  I can't wait to see what dreams she invites us into next!



Effortless Grace | Carolina Herrera Bridal Collection

Over the last few months I've gotten the privilege to work with one of my favorite designers:  Carolina Herrera.  Her vision is clear, and her work is impeccable.  I can spot a Mrs. Herrera piece from a mile away.  Last week I was able to shoot behind the scenes for their upcoming Bridal Collection.

In between looks I got to know Magda, the model, and became smitten with her elegance and grace.  She is lively and professional, and you can just tell this girl is a hustler!

You have to be one powerful and strong willed woman to enter into the world of modeling.

Have you ever had that overwhelming feeling where all eyes are on you?  Well, magnify that by 1,000 and you sorta have a tiny glimpse into the life of a model.

Today I want to say bravo to Magda for bringing light and beautiful energy on set.  And I want to say bravo to Carolina Herrera for creating an inspiring and positive team atmosphere and set to work with.  I feel very honored!



Editorial | Sarah Seven Romantics Collection

People think photography is a solo mission.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  

It's a team sport.  Everyone from the producer to the designer, hair and make-up stylists, set designers, lighting team, retouchers, photographers have to be on the same page.  And even more so have to be for one another, and the greater vision of the shoot.  It's a collaboration of personalities, artistry, and creativity.  And I adore it.  The collision of bridal and editorial is something I will always love.  There's a softness, a femininity, a lightness to a bride that is unique.  Combine that with a designer like Sarah Seven, and an incredible production team, and I just feel like the luckiest girl to get to be a part of the whole thing.

Here are a few shots from our studio editorial shoot for Sarah Seven's Romantic's Collection.



Thank you to:

Designer:  Sarah Seven

Set Design:  Ariella Flowers

Hair + MU:  FaceTime Beauty

My Team:  Jen Trahan, David R., + Johannes O.

Bebe Zoe | Brooklyn Newborn Photography

I seriously cannot even handle how cute baby Zoe is.  I mean...honestly...those toes, and the wrinkly fingers, and her little nose.  Ahhhh!  Zack + Bree y'all are some lucky parents!  

Sweet Zoe is just a few weeks old, and already she lights up the room.  Her parents are smitten with her...and I do not blame them.  I sorta wanna quit my day job and offer to be their nanny for free.  But really y'all; it's sorta true.

Zack and Bree + Zoe I'm so grateful our paths crossed.  Parenthood looks good on y'all.  I'm so excited to see your journey with precious Zoe unfold!  



Sean + Bridget | Washington Square Park Wedding


Close your eyes and picture the sun.

That's what it felt like to love her, warmth.


Sean and Bridget, that's what it feels like to witness and be around your love, warmth.  

All week long there was 100% chance of rain on your wedding day, but instead the sun came out and gave us beautiful light.  And there was an unexpected organized pillow fight in Washington Square Park during your portraits.  Instead of being upset, without hesitation y'all laughed and walked right into it.

It's a tiny picture into your relationship and dynamic together, but it was such a beautiful one to me.  

Your love is warmth.

I hope y'all are enjoying Hawaii, getting rest + getting super tan!  Thank you for entrusting me to journey with you throughout your wedding; it was a gift!



David + Megan Beth | DUMBO Proposal

Y'all yesterday was sorta the best.  

I photographed David + Megan Beth's sweet proposal in DUMBO at sunset.  Seriously, I.Love.My.Job. 

A few years ago, Megan Beth + David hired me to shoot a lifestyle session in SoHo of them.  Instantly we connected.  Just being around them the life + light of their love is almost visible.

Well a while ago David emailed me to capture their proposal in DUMBO where they had their first date.  I couldn't say yes fast enough!

Yesterday was the big day.  And to see these two...well it was special.  The tears, laughter, joy, excitement.  All of it.  I didn't want it to end!  Congratulations y'all!!!  There are big + beautiful + abundant things ahead for you!  Enjoy your weekend in the city!


Micah + Kelly | DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge Engagements

Micah + Kelly.  The fact that you ran around Brooklyn with me for hours on a 30 something freezing cold New York day tells me a lot about who you are as a couple.  Even though it was so cold, our noses were dripping, and y'all were shivering like crazy you were up for the adventure, and I didn't want it to end.  And I know y'all are dear friends + I know you outside of shooting your engagements.  But it just seemed right that your session unfolded like that.  

Because it's so you.  The two of you are adventurous, passionate, overflowing with creative energy, and when I'm around you I feel like I get swept up in your adventure too.  Y'all invite others to come and play.  And to have fun with life.  That's a beautiful and really special thing.  I feel honored that I got to capture these photos of y'all.

And I cannot wait for y'all to be married next month in the Motherland of all places.  (That's Texas for those who don't know #cleareyesfullheartscan'tlose).

Enjoy these last few weeks leading up to your wedding + I'm excited to see what's ahead for y'all! 



David + Colby Vow Renewal | DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge

How little we knew of love then.  So much has happened since then.  We were just a couple of kids madly in love, ready for life’s adventures…-Colby to David.

Last week I got to photograph a sweet + intimate vow renewal.  We were on Brooklyn Bridge at sunset + there were bikers flying by + tourists with their selfie sticks.  But as Colby + David celebrated their 10 years of marriage and spoke vows to one another once again; it was sacred.  (My tears began to fog up my view finder on my camera).  I’m inspired by their love, authenticity and commitment to each other + their family.  It gives me so much hope.  Love is always worth the fight.



Shannon | Central Park Maternity

Shannon is breath taking.  I don't know what else to say.  She makes pregnancy look easy.  We ran around Central Park last week in the magic of fall with her husband Michael and 1 year old daughter Hadley.  We tried getting some group pics...but come on if you were little wouldn't you just want to run + play all over the place too?  (I'm 30...and it's what I want to do too!)

Congratulations Michael + Shannon on welcoming Baby #2.  I can't wait to meet her!



Patrick + Kelsey | Nasher Sculpture Center | Dallas Wedding


A friend asked me last night, "What is your favorite and most creative wedding you've ever photographed?".   I sat there and thought for a minute.  My response to her was that what stands out to me more than any amount of artistic details (though those are of course fun to see + photograph) is the connection between the couple.  The sweet and authentic love between Patrick and Kesley, and the love their families and friends had for one another left me in tears multiple times through out their wedding weekend.

Patrick and Kelsey met and started dating in high school, and have been together for almost 10 years.  And even still when they saw each other for the first time they were both blissful and giddy.  Everyone in their wedding party grew up together....like I'm talking elementary through high school and college.  So the level of joy and support and love coming from all angles was really unique and special.

Couples like Patrick and Kelsey remind me why I do what I do, and why I consider it such an honor to be apart of a couple's unique journey.  You two are gems.  I'm so grateful our paths crossed.  And I hope you're enjoying St. Lucia!!!



Thank you to the incredible vendors that created such a beautiful wedding:

Event Coordination:  Hannah, DFW Events

Venue:  Nasher Sculpture Center

Gown:  Watters