New York Street Style | Part IV

This morning started off on a sour note.  Much to my disappointment I could not get into the Michael Kors show, and on top of that I stealthily got back stage at JCrew, but was given the boot right before the show started. I will say it was a little dream come true to be back stage at JCrew.  Models running every which direction, hopping around putting on shoes while stylists where putting accessories on them, and a team of hair and make-up people attacking their heads.  It was like an All-American Circus back there.  And...You know I was looking for Jenna Lyons!

Disappointed I went to the front of Lincoln Center not too excited to be hanging out in a deserted pavilion (as all the shows were going on).  To my surprise this ended up being my most favorite morning of street style beginning with running into one of my style inspirations Caroline Issa...

Caroline Issa is the fashion editor at Tank Magazine, and also one of the faces for the Fall 2012 JCrew Hello World Campaign.  I actually first found out about her through The Sartorialist, who has photographed her quite a bit over the years.  What I adore about her is her natural makeup, simple hair, and clean look.  She just oozes class.

On their way out of Lincoln Center I ran into Coco and Breezy.  Umm...they are way too cool, and I was so surprised when they asked me my name and how I was doing.  They may look intimidating (which they are), but they are some of the sweetest girls I met all week.

Next I ran into Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere; it's always nice to run into a Cali girl on the East Coast

Running into and chatting with Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist was definitely a highlight of my trip.  His blog is hands down my favorite street style blog, and has been around long before having a fashion blog was a 'thing'.  If you've never watched his interview with Intel, please watch it HERE; it's super inspiring!

Adding to my fabulous morning was another run in with my newest crush Justin Doss, fashion editor of GQ magazine.  He rocks those stripes well.

Below left is Taylor Tomasi, accessory director of Marie Claire magazine.