The Refined Woman | Bekah

This past week I've been in New York shooting runway at Bridal Market with the lovely ladies of Southern Weddings.  (I cannot wait to share pics from my time out here!!)) I kid you not, all week the ladies and I have been talking about pleats.

Pleats.  Pleats. Pleats.

I love them so much.  Pleats are classic, feminine, and there's something that feels very distinguished about them.  When I opened my email and saw the images of Bekah's latest Refined Woman outfit I did a little song and dance.  Why you may ask?  (Well, of course because Bekah is so lovely first and foremost)  And also...because of those FABULOUS pleats).

Bekah, of Kallima Photography in Palm Beach Florida, has nailed it this week with this classy, flirty, pleated dress.  What do you guys think?

  • Why did you choose this outfit? I love to shoot in dresses because it keeps me feminine and put together, and also causes me to be a bit more refined while shooting:) My vice is that I always find cute dresses that are too short, so I'm always throwing on leggings underneath. This time, I was looking for a few dresses that were tailored and fitted on top, but free flowing on the bottom to offer me ease of movement. This dress from LOFT is that dress, with a perfect length to keep me lady-like. (I wear some blue biker shorts underneath just incase…don't tell anyone..). I'm a big advocate of flats on the wedding day and these navy patent leather ballet flats were too cute to pass up. I can wear them with almost anything except black, so they are a true staple lately.
  • Was it a success or failure?  Why?  Success! I wasn't restricted in shooting because the dress is loose and flowy. I kept cool with the sleeveless top (super important here in south florida) but stayed looking fresh to death as this material doesn't show sweat. (praise you Jesus!!) Its also a great option to wear a cami underneath without anyone being able to tell. Double bonus! The flats gave me little trouble, rubbing in certain areas, so I might have switched to gold sparkly TOMS for the reception…
  • Can you list the brands of all the major/key pieces from the look?  Dress:  Ann Taylor LOFT , Necklace:  Target, Blazer:  The Gap, Shoes:  Bjorn


If you are interested in submitting an outfit for The Refined Woman, please email me at!  Can't wait to see your outfit!