The Refined Woman | Intro

It’s been one of my goals to find that ‘ideal’ outfit to shoot in while still staying true to my fashion sense, and being a woman. What does it look like to be a woman in the work place?

How can I celebrate my femininity while still being professional?

What are the it shoes to wear on a 12 hour day of shooting that won't kill you're feet, but also aren't those awful black reeboks?

As I have pursued photography over the last several years these questions and more have come to mind countless times.

One of the first weddings I shot I wore a little black dress and pointy toed black shoes from Target.  I looked the part, and was ready to be a real photographer.  By the end of the almost 12 hour day I was locked in the bathroom trying not to cry because my feet felt like they were going to fall off. ‘This must be what it feels like to have two broken feet’, I kept telling myself.

The guy photographer I shot with must have thought I was crazy for wearing what I wore, but he was in a Prada suit for crying out loud and looked like a million bucks.  It seemed really unfair, because I felt as though if I would have worn anything less put together I would have looked like his kid sister who got ready 5 minutes before she left and just picked up her camera for the first time that day.

Being a woman it can be difficult to find an appropriate, functional, professional outfit, with comfortable shoes for a 12 hour work day--let alone a wedding--while at the same time looking feminine and fashionable.

There has to be a way to have both femininity and functionality...there just has to.  Are you with me ladies?

This is going to be an ongoing series of posts where I will be living out this little goal of mine with you.  I’ve had outfits that have totally failed over the last several years, skirts that have flown up in the wind, dresses that I thought I almost ripped while bending over to get that perfect shot of an invitation, and...well you get the idea.

BUT I have also found some outfits that have surprisingly totally worked.  This will be a place where you not only see my successes and failures, but also the wardrobe of some rad lady photographers in major cities throughout the US.

What I am really excited about is that each woman that I have invited to be apart of this project has a distinct style, and take different risks within their wardrobe.  These are all women that run successful photography businesses, consistently create moving images, and have impeccable fashion taste.

With each post I would love to know your thoughts, questions, and reactions as well.  I am excited to share this journey with some pretty amazing ladies, and hope to challenge and encourage other women to not only rock it when they’re shooting, but also to stay feminine, and true to who they are throughout the whole process!

Lastly, if you have a look you would like to submit, please email me at for more information.

Get ready for my next post tomorrow where I'll be introducing the LEGIT LADIES involved with The Refined Woman.