The Refined Woman | Emilia

Chicago based Wedding photographer Emilia, of Emilia Jane Photography is quite the jetsetter.  Recently I asked if she would be interested in submitting an outfit The Refined Woman, and she was neck deep packing to shoot a wedding in Paris.  After begging if I could squeeze into her suitcase, I settled on her sending us the outfit she shot in while in Paris.   Sigh...that just sounds romantic doesn't it? To me everything about this look is flawless.  This tailored Ralph Lauren dress fits Emilia like a glove, and I adore the gold accent buttons on the side of the dress brought in nicely with her gold jewelry.  Emilia you ooze effortless class through and through.  I cannot wait to see more outfits from you!

Lastly, time you go to Paris to work...can I puh-lease come?

Photographed by:  Emilia Jane

  • Why did you choose this outfit?  I chose this outfit because I think it fits my style and much more importantly, it's comfortable enough to wear all day and work in! In terms of style, I try to always look like a guest who just happens to be the photographer for the day instead of sticking out. And I don't know what it is, but Ralph knows how to make a dress I feel great in.
  • Was it a success or failure?  Why?  It was definitely a success! I love shooting weddings in this dress because I can move around easily and feel fashionable. Added bonus, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom have complimented both the dress and shoes! Not planned, but who doesn't love a compliment on their outfit :-)
  • Can you list the brands of all the major/key pieces from the look?  Dress:  Ralph Lauren (Similar), Shoes: Nine West (Similar), Watch: Michael Kors (Similar). I always start the wedding day in heels and bring a pair of flats if I need them later in the day.