It wasn't until the fall after I graduated college that we became really close.

I had always loved her, but it was that fall that she became one of my best friends.  I had just finished my time at Invisible Children, traveled to Uganda and through Europe, and was back in Dallas coaching tennis and working the opening shift at my drive thru Starbucks.  All the while I was applying for any and every job I could find in Southern California.  For the life of me I couldn't even get a callback.

That fall was a dark and lonely season.  Everyday on my way to work at 4:00a.m. I would listen to Bon Iver The Wolves, and try and figure out what in the world I was doing with my life.  It seemed my friends had dispersed--as I was quite fun to be around at this time--and I felt so lost.

Caroline was in her sophomore year of college, and had a group of girlfriends that would dance through the movie theaters to all the choreography to High School Musical 3, they would go on adventures, and cook baked yumminess late at night.  I was so envious of what they had.  Without a second thought though they began inviting me (the sad depressed girl) everywhere, coming over to my house, endless car rides listening to the Jonas Brothers and Broadway show tunes, and taking me to see High School Musical 3 for the 50th time.  I soon found myself waiting and hoping that Caroline would call me to hang out.

It was in those months that I knew I not only loved Caroline because she was my sister, but because she was one of my best most loyal friends.

I am so blessed to call this amazing girl my sister and friend.  Love you!