Home is Where My Heart Is...

They're never long enough.  My trips home. It's weird that we're at a point in our lives when the only time that all 9 of us are in the same city is once a year.  That seems like how it is on the movies, but not in real life...or not in my life.  Yet, the last time we were all together was last Christmas.

At home Caroline and I and sometimes Laura share the king bed upstairs.  Some of my favorite moments are when we're going to bed, and we just talk and giggle.  We pretend like we're the sisters from Pride and Prejudice.  I always want to be Jo:)

My poor brother has 5 sisters, he gets quite outnumbered.  But, he's a trooper and just wants to hang with us even when all we want to do is learn the dance to Beyonce's Move Your Body.

What's weird about going home is how no matter how long I've been away; it is still home.  Walking in the back door to the kitchen with my luggage there's a wave of familiarity that is so comforting.  It just feels right.

Sometimes I wonder if I will regret being out in California and being away from my family.  Like in 20 years, will this have been worth it?  That questions plagues me.  I go back and forth, feeling guilty for being away (I'm the only one not in Texas), but then feeling at peace that I'm on this journey that has for now taken me away.

I know California is where I'm supposed to be now, but home is always where my heart will be.

Looking at this first picture just makes me laugh; it's like a band pic.  They're all three just doing their own thing, and all three figuring out the snow in their own ways.  I think Paul is just embarrassed by the rest of us.

Grace and Me.  You must know that Snow on Christmas in Dallas Texas is almost as rare as snow on Christmas in LA.  You can't see it, but we're wearing like 50 sweaters.

Kate Spade our dog is probably the most favorite person in our family.

This is Laura's first fall at school.  She's at UT, and she surprised us by coming home a day early.  I love this sweet moment of Grace seeing her for the first time.

Dad LOVVEEES his new shirt!

And this about sums it up!  Happy 2013 folks!