Full Malibu Proposal | Matt + Jen

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Matt and Jen.  There are so many emotions in my soul right now as I think of your journey together from coworkers, friends, really really good friends, dating, boyfriend/girlfriend, and now getting married.  You two are the type of couple that give me hope to wait for something amazing.  Individually you both are dynamic, kind, talented, authentic, world changing people.  Together it's just amplified.

Matt I'm so thankful for the way you have fought for my friend, pursued her, and challenged her in such beautiful ways to pursue her dreams.

Jen I'm honored to have been apart of this journey with you.  I mean from sharing a room with 8 other girls, to living out of a van traveling cross country, to the bush of rural Uganda, to London and Rome, and back to LA.  There are so so so many memories.  You are a soul friend, and I love you very much.

Matt and Jen, your wedding will be the event of 2014.  The world is  a better place with the two you going through it together.

I love you both.


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This is when she noticed me at which point tears we're streaming down my cheeks.

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That evening Matt got a group of their close friends together for celebration at Malibu Wines.  I mean honestly, this guy thought of everything!

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