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The Refined Woman | Sarah

Sarah Shreves:  LA Lifestyle + Wedding Photographer, Wardrobe Stylist.

Style wise Sarah puts me to shame.  She oozes LA through and through.  Basically she's so much cooler than I'll ever be.  What I love about Sarah is that no matter what she stays true to who she is, which in essence attracts her target market.  Please please check out her work HERE, she has shot some really rad stuff!

Photographed by:  Kat Harris

  • Why did you choose this outfit?  This outfit is all me:  comfortable, contemporary and clean.  I chose it because its all my go to pieces in one outfit.  You cannot go wrong with these staple pieces.
  • Was it a success or failure?  Why?  Total success..only for socal weddings that are super casual though.
  • Can you list the brands of all the major/key pieces from the look? Jacket:  Theyskens Theory (Similar); Shirt:  Zara (Similar); Leggings:  Zara (Similar); Shoes:  BCBG (Similar); Jewelry:  Feliks and Adriks

New York Street Style | Part III

The boldness to be you.  Not someone else, but truly owning the person that no one else can ever be:  YOU. That is what sticks out to me about my day three at Fashion Week.

This young lady may be the most radiant person I photographed all week.  She embodies beauty and confidence, and it was freeing to be around her.

No two are the same.  If I step back I begin to see that there is somewhat of a unity that happens within our differences.

Rebecca Minkoff | Spring Summer 2013

Rebecca Minkoff Spring Summer 2013 Collection. I knew I was going to love it when the first model in all white walked down the runway to Tennis singing Marathon live.

Reds. Whites. Blues. Florals. Blazers.  Cut-off jean shorts.  It is an all-american bohemian girls' dream all in one line.

You'll probably hear me say this more than once, but really this was my favorite show.  This was my second show of the week, and once again I snuck into the photographers pit.  (I had a horrible spot by the way...but I just worked with what I had).

Everything was so fresh and springy about this line.  I love how Rebecca mixed flirty floral pieces with a splash of playful tomboy.  Not only do I love every piece from this collection, but literally I feel as though I could wear it directly from the runway.  Bravo Rebecca Minkoff.  Nailed it.


The Red White and Blue series was great.  It is what I like to refer to as the Classy Boho.

Mint Green Lace dress.  My favorite look from the show.

As you can see below, I'm literally behind dozens of photographers in this pit (and on my tippy-toes I might add)!

Also, I'm entering a Rebecca Minkoff contest.  Check it out HERE.

Desert Rendezvous | Matt & Jenn

In February I had the privelege of producing this shoot for one of Mike Colón's lectures in Las Vegas.  Jenn and Matt are pretty much the ideal couple that any one could ask for.  They have such awesome chemistry, and aren't too bad looking either!  Thanks so much to 31 Bits and Julia Lovan Designs for hooking us up with some rad jewelry and gowns for this shoot!

Here are some of my favorite images I shot throughout the afternoon.

Vendor Information:

Location:  The Desert.

Production/Wardrobe Styling: Kat Harris

Couple:  Matt and Jenn

Her Wardrobe:  Julia Lovan Designs, 31 Bits, Madewell, Anthropologie

His Wardrobe:  JCrew, H&M, Zara