Patrick + Emily | DUMBO Engagements

And as I sat and looked at her,

and the rolling hills she sat upon,

I thought, what amazing luck I have,

that the world had created such beautiful things,

and given me the eyes to seem them.


Bebe Zoe | Brooklyn Newborn Photography

I seriously cannot even handle how cute baby Zoe is.  I mean...honestly...those toes, and the wrinkly fingers, and her little nose.  Ahhhh!  Zack + Bree y'all are some lucky parents!  

Sweet Zoe is just a few weeks old, and already she lights up the room.  Her parents are smitten with her...and I do not blame them.  I sorta wanna quit my day job and offer to be their nanny for free.  But really y'all; it's sorta true.

Zack and Bree + Zoe I'm so grateful our paths crossed.  Parenthood looks good on y'all.  I'm so excited to see your journey with precious Zoe unfold!  



David + Megan Beth | DUMBO Proposal

Y'all yesterday was sorta the best.  

I photographed David + Megan Beth's sweet proposal in DUMBO at sunset.  Seriously, I.Love.My.Job. 

A few years ago, Megan Beth + David hired me to shoot a lifestyle session in SoHo of them.  Instantly we connected.  Just being around them the life + light of their love is almost visible.

Well a while ago David emailed me to capture their proposal in DUMBO where they had their first date.  I couldn't say yes fast enough!

Yesterday was the big day.  And to see these two...well it was special.  The tears, laughter, joy, excitement.  All of it.  I didn't want it to end!  Congratulations y'all!!!  There are big + beautiful + abundant things ahead for you!  Enjoy your weekend in the city!


Micah + Kelly | DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge Engagements

Micah + Kelly.  The fact that you ran around Brooklyn with me for hours on a 30 something freezing cold New York day tells me a lot about who you are as a couple.  Even though it was so cold, our noses were dripping, and y'all were shivering like crazy you were up for the adventure, and I didn't want it to end.  And I know y'all are dear friends + I know you outside of shooting your engagements.  But it just seemed right that your session unfolded like that.  

Because it's so you.  The two of you are adventurous, passionate, overflowing with creative energy, and when I'm around you I feel like I get swept up in your adventure too.  Y'all invite others to come and play.  And to have fun with life.  That's a beautiful and really special thing.  I feel honored that I got to capture these photos of y'all.

And I cannot wait for y'all to be married next month in the Motherland of all places.  (That's Texas for those who don't know #cleareyesfullheartscan'tlose).

Enjoy these last few weeks leading up to your wedding + I'm excited to see what's ahead for y'all! 



David + Colby Vow Renewal | DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge

How little we knew of love then.  So much has happened since then.  We were just a couple of kids madly in love, ready for life’s adventures…-Colby to David.

Last week I got to photograph a sweet + intimate vow renewal.  We were on Brooklyn Bridge at sunset + there were bikers flying by + tourists with their selfie sticks.  But as Colby + David celebrated their 10 years of marriage and spoke vows to one another once again; it was sacred.  (My tears began to fog up my view finder on my camera).  I’m inspired by their love, authenticity and commitment to each other + their family.  It gives me so much hope.  Love is always worth the fight.



Shannon | Central Park Maternity

Shannon is breath taking.  I don't know what else to say.  She makes pregnancy look easy.  We ran around Central Park last week in the magic of fall with her husband Michael and 1 year old daughter Hadley.  We tried getting some group pics...but come on if you were little wouldn't you just want to run + play all over the place too?  (I'm 30...and it's what I want to do too!)

Congratulations Michael + Shannon on welcoming Baby #2.  I can't wait to meet her!



New York Public Library Engagements | Jin + Caroline


My mamma always said when you know you know, and you'll move mountains to make something happen.  Caroline and Jin met through mutual friends when she was visiting New York City for the weekend from LA.  They felt a connection early on, and even though they were on opposite coasts they decided to give it a chance.  Because when you know something is special you fight for it.  You make it work.  You make things happen.

Well Jin ended up moving to LA, and proposed last fall to Caroline in Napa Valley.  (I mean can it get any more romantic).

We had so much fun running through the streets of Manhattan a few weeks ago, and I cannot wait to shoot their wedding this fall.






NewYorkPublicLibraryEngagements.CJ-3 NewYorkPublicLibraryEngagements.CJ-4

NewYorkPublicLibraryEngagements.CJ-8Hair + Make-up by: FaceTime Beauty

Dumbo + Brooklyn Bridge Engagements | Aaron + Brynn


These two are cool cats.  Really though.  Brynn is a lifestyle blogger in NYC + Aaron is an amazing videographer that travels all over the world to create.  Together they are this creative ball of energy, and so much fun to be around.  They recently got engaged in Paris (ummm...way to go for that one Aaron!) + so we decided to run around Dumbo + Brooklyn Bridge for a bit last week to snap some photos of their newly engaged selves.   I mean they're like ridiculously cute right?







Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-1 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-2


Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-8 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-9





Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-18 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-14 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-19


Tim + Jenn | Dumbo Engagements


Tim and Jenn are what I call a counter cultural couple.  They are grounded in their vision for themselves + the world.  They are up to big things.  They're the type of couple that I proudly get to call friends + eagerly await to see what God has in store for their lives together.  During a break in the snow this week we ran around Dumbo to shoot their engagements.  We drank coffee, talked, laughed, and shared our dreams with each other.

I walked away from my time with them inspired and challenged.

Tim + Jenn thank you for sharing your souls + your story with me.  For the two of you there are endless possibilities.

Much love,


Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-1 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-3 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-4 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-5 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-6 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-7 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-8 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-9 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-10 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-11 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-12 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-13 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-14 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-16 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-17 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-18 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-19 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-20 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-21 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-22 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-24 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.TJ-23

Stephen + Tara | Central Park Lifestyle


Stephen is from the UK + Tara is from Florida.  Their paths crossed when they were teenagers as Stephen's family took yearly holidays in Florida, and their family became friends.  After one of their first meetings Stephen told his siblings that one day he would marry a girl like Tara.  Years later, after high school graduations, college graduations, and several moves their paths merged once again in Florida.  The connection was instantaneous.  They began the long distance phone calls and emails, and a year later Stephen proposed, and a year after that they got married.

They're now celebrating their 2 year anniversary, and what better way to spend it than in NYC?  (I mean you really can't beat fall in New York!).  Tara + Stephen thank you for sharing your story with me + allowing me to capture you!

The best is yet to come!







CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS002 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS030 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS033A CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS047


CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS050 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS055 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS057 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS064A CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS067 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS079 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS086 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS089 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS090



Central Park Maternity Session | Joe + Kristin

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 49

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall." ~F.Scott Fitzgerald

Fall came to New York City last week, and it was the perfect time for it to do so.

Kristin + Joe drove up from DC for a little weekend getaway + I got to snap some maternity photos of them at Central Park.  This is their first baby, and it's just such a special time of transition and movement in life.  Y'all are so much fun to be around, and you are already amazing parents!



CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 45

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 60A

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 36

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 35

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 51

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 28

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 25

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 61 CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 71

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 79