Sarah Seven Bridal | The Romantics Collection

Minutes before doors opened to her Bridal Romantics Collection Presentation she had someone on her team light a cigar and puff the sweet smoke throughout the room.

With her indie playlist going in the background; it was the final touch to complete her Parisian Bistro dream come reality.  And to me that is a glimpse into the world of Sarah Seven.  She is attentive to the tiny details.  The ones we may not even notice, but out of conviction and creativity she executes anyways.  That is inspiring to me.  And she invites you into her world of romance, spunk, and adventure.  

Getting to work with Sarah and her team the last several months has been an adventure.  There has been more than one dance party, and lots of laughter.  I can't wait to see what dreams she invites us into next!



Effortless Grace | Carolina Herrera Bridal Collection

Over the last few months I've gotten the privilege to work with one of my favorite designers:  Carolina Herrera.  Her vision is clear, and her work is impeccable.  I can spot a Mrs. Herrera piece from a mile away.  Last week I was able to shoot behind the scenes for their upcoming Bridal Collection.

In between looks I got to know Magda, the model, and became smitten with her elegance and grace.  She is lively and professional, and you can just tell this girl is a hustler!

You have to be one powerful and strong willed woman to enter into the world of modeling.

Have you ever had that overwhelming feeling where all eyes are on you?  Well, magnify that by 1,000 and you sorta have a tiny glimpse into the life of a model.

Today I want to say bravo to Magda for bringing light and beautiful energy on set.  And I want to say bravo to Carolina Herrera for creating an inspiring and positive team atmosphere and set to work with.  I feel very honored!



Editorial | Sarah Seven Romantics Collection

People think photography is a solo mission.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  

It's a team sport.  Everyone from the producer to the designer, hair and make-up stylists, set designers, lighting team, retouchers, photographers have to be on the same page.  And even more so have to be for one another, and the greater vision of the shoot.  It's a collaboration of personalities, artistry, and creativity.  And I adore it.  The collision of bridal and editorial is something I will always love.  There's a softness, a femininity, a lightness to a bride that is unique.  Combine that with a designer like Sarah Seven, and an incredible production team, and I just feel like the luckiest girl to get to be a part of the whole thing.

Here are a few shots from our studio editorial shoot for Sarah Seven's Romantic's Collection.



Thank you to:

Designer:  Sarah Seven

Set Design:  Ariella Flowers

Hair + MU:  FaceTime Beauty

My Team:  Jen Trahan, David R., + Johannes O.

Bebe Zoe | Brooklyn Newborn Photography

I seriously cannot even handle how cute baby Zoe is.  I mean...honestly...those toes, and the wrinkly fingers, and her little nose.  Ahhhh!  Zack + Bree y'all are some lucky parents!  

Sweet Zoe is just a few weeks old, and already she lights up the room.  Her parents are smitten with her...and I do not blame them.  I sorta wanna quit my day job and offer to be their nanny for free.  But really y'all; it's sorta true.

Zack and Bree + Zoe I'm so grateful our paths crossed.  Parenthood looks good on y'all.  I'm so excited to see your journey with precious Zoe unfold!  



David + Colby Vow Renewal | DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge

How little we knew of love then.  So much has happened since then.  We were just a couple of kids madly in love, ready for life’s adventures…-Colby to David.

Last week I got to photograph a sweet + intimate vow renewal.  We were on Brooklyn Bridge at sunset + there were bikers flying by + tourists with their selfie sticks.  But as Colby + David celebrated their 10 years of marriage and spoke vows to one another once again; it was sacred.  (My tears began to fog up my view finder on my camera).  I’m inspired by their love, authenticity and commitment to each other + their family.  It gives me so much hope.  Love is always worth the fight.



Shannon | Central Park Maternity

Shannon is breath taking.  I don't know what else to say.  She makes pregnancy look easy.  We ran around Central Park last week in the magic of fall with her husband Michael and 1 year old daughter Hadley.  We tried getting some group pics...but come on if you were little wouldn't you just want to run + play all over the place too?  (I'm 30...and it's what I want to do too!)

Congratulations Michael + Shannon on welcoming Baby #2.  I can't wait to meet her!



Dumbo + Brooklyn Bridge Engagements | Aaron + Brynn


These two are cool cats.  Really though.  Brynn is a lifestyle blogger in NYC + Aaron is an amazing videographer that travels all over the world to create.  Together they are this creative ball of energy, and so much fun to be around.  They recently got engaged in Paris (ummm...way to go for that one Aaron!) + so we decided to run around Dumbo + Brooklyn Bridge for a bit last week to snap some photos of their newly engaged selves.   I mean they're like ridiculously cute right?







Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-1 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-2


Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-8 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-9





Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-18 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-14 Dumbo.BrooklynBridgeEngagements.KatHarris-19


Lula Kate + Kate McDonald Bridal

1.LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-16 The stars aligned last fall when Beth Chapman of The White Dress reached out to me to photograph a shoot she put together with Lula Kate bridesmaids + wedding gown designer Kate McDonald.  It turned out to be the All-American , preppy girl dream bridal shoot (and I was swooning every second of the day--Kate McDonald even hand painted this wedding gown!).  We had a team of amazing creatives to pull off this bride + bridesmaid shoot , and Connecticut was the perfect backdrop.

Style Me Pretty published the shoot on their site today.  Please venture over + share some love!

I cannot wait to work with these fabulous ladies again!
















LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-11A LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-14 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-17



LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-23 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-24 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-26 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-27 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-28 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-31



The Dream Team

Photographer:  Kat Harris

Creative Production + Stylist:  Beth, The White Dress

Hair:  Emily Reale

Make-up:  Jennie Fresa

Florals:  Hana Floral Design

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lula Kate

Wedding Gown:  Kate McDonald

Tablescape + Decor:  True Event

Linens:  La Tavola Linens

Invitations + Paperie:  Tie the Binds Weddings

Central Park Maternity Session | Joe + Kristin

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 49

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall." ~F.Scott Fitzgerald

Fall came to New York City last week, and it was the perfect time for it to do so.

Kristin + Joe drove up from DC for a little weekend getaway + I got to snap some maternity photos of them at Central Park.  This is their first baby, and it's just such a special time of transition and movement in life.  Y'all are so much fun to be around, and you are already amazing parents!



CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 45

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 60A

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 36

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 35

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 51

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 28

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 25

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 61 CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 71

CentralPark.NYC.MaternitySession 79

Paris through My Eyes...


Near the point of burn out and exhaustion earlier this summer I boarded a plane from JFK to meet two of my sisters in Paris for our second annual Sister's Trip.  Because so many hours of my days are filled with emails, social media, editing, and endless to-do lists I chose to leave my camera at home, turn my phone off, and be present.  Instead I borrowed an old Nikon 35mm film camera from a friend (which I had no idea how to use until about 1 day before the trip), and decided just to take pictures as I was inspired as opposed to the feeling of "I have to" or "getting the shot".

The trip began, and almost instantaneously when I shut the phone off, my soul took a huge sigh of relief.  What transpired was a space of presence.  I wasn't worried about "catching that shot" for social media, or obsessing with my camera settings to "nail' the shot.  I was present, and the craziest thing happened.  I became at such peace.  I didn't realize how much my life was wrapped around getting the shot until I gave myself permission to 'not get the shot', but to just be.

Instead of doing, I was being.

Instead of looking to create a manufactured moment, I was living real life in the moment.  My senses were alive to the smell of street crepes, the taste of salted carmel ice cream, the touch of the slightly itchy grass beneath us as we picnicked at sunset at the Eiffel Tower, the sight of rows and rows of Gardens at Versailles, my heart enraptured in beautiful conversations with my sisters, and with it all life unfolded all around me.  The tightness in my chest and the stress from my day to day life disappeared the moment my phone was shut off.

My soul was actually relieved to be.  And from this space I took pictures.  For weeks now I've had my film back, and yet I haven't shared anything until today.  There's something so personal to me about these images.  They're not perfect, in fact technically there's a lot of imperfections, but to me the reflect a soul at peace and at ease.  A soul connected to God, self, loved ones, and the world around her.

Here are some of my favorite moments.
















Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-4 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-5 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-6 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-8 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-12 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-14 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-17 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-18 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-19 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-20 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-21 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-22 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-24 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-26 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-434 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-435 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-438 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-440 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-441




Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-443 Paris.Versailles.35mmFilm-445












Soho Lifestyle | David + Megan

SoHoEngagementsNYC-3 Love is epic, adventurous, unabashed, messy, loyal, changing.

Sometimes you cross paths with people that have this sort of love; it hits you like a weight and then lightly lifts you off the ground.  This sort of love is contagious.

Meet David and Megan.  They have this love.  This love that changes things, creates, inspires.  I'm better for having crossed paths with them, and so grateful to have photographed their unique journey:) SoHoEngagementsNYC-4SoHoEngagementsNYC-7SoHoEngagementsNYC-17SoHoEngagementsNYC-9SoHoEngagementsNYC-19



SoHoEngagementsNYC-15SoHoEngagementsNYC-2SoHoEngagementsNYC-21SoHoEngagementsNYC-5SoHoEngagementsNYC-10SoHoEngagementsNYC-11SoHoEngagementsNYC-13SoHoEngagementsNYC-12SoHoEngagementsNYC-18SoHoEngagementsNYC-16SoHoEngagementsNYC-6SoHoEngagementsNYC-22KEH_0326 KEH_9877


West Village Engagements | Neil + Stefanie


Neil + Stefanie's love story is one of epic proportions.

Living oceans apart literally (Neil is from South Africa + Stef from Southern California) their worlds collided 8 years ago when Neil was visiting some friends in the states.  Both developed little crushes on the other, but with little time + lots of distance they parted and went about their lives.  Fast forward some time, and Stefanie moved to Uganda (yes this woman is beautiful + she's a world changer) to do development work, and on a trip to South Africa wouldn't you know that her and Neil's paths crossed again, and this time the spark turned to dating.  After just a few weeks Stef headed back to Uganda, then back to the states.  They tried and tried to make it work, but it seems the timing was just off.  So even though they both cared for each other deeply, they stepped away from their relationship.

BUT...and don't you love buts in stories?  I sure do.

But then, time went by, Stefanie and Neil both pursuing different worlds and different dreams. Stef's led her to none other than New York City where she moved in with some dear friends of Neil's.  (Coincidence...I don't believe in those).  And they just so happened to be Team Neil if you know what I mean.

This time, years later, even though an ocean still separated them, Neil was all in and began pursuing Stefanie from South Africa.  He flew out for the holidays, and I think it's safe to say that within the first few days both of them knew this was it.

Time can be our greatest ally; it develops our souls, our dreams, our purpose...

A few weeks ago, Neil flew to the states, picked up Stefanie on a layover in NYC, and they both went to her home state of California.  Neil pulled off an amazing proposal at sunset in Laguna Beach (I mean really...this guy) complete with a celebration with her family and closest friends, and then back to NYC to celebrate coast to coast.

And so it begins...or shall I say their journey continues.

Just hours before Neil left the states to head back to South Africa I was honored to photograph their engagements in West Village + on The Highline.  I sort of really love these two, and am so excited to share these images with y'all!

WestVillage.TheHighlineEngagements-11 WestVillage.TheHighlineEngagements-12

WestVillage.TheHighlineEngagements-14 WestVillage.TheHighlineEngagements-15



WestVillage.TheHighlineEngagements-22WestVillage.TheHighlineEngagements-17 WestVillage.TheHighlineEngagements-19 WestVillage.TheHighlineEngagements-21









Atlanta Portraits | Matthew + Karlin

ManhattanEngagementPhotography 1

Matthew and Karlin just might be the most fashionable real life people that I know.  (On top of that they're both from the South, and are the sa-weetest people you will ever meet in your life).  However, as I was packing for my trip to spend the weekend with them in their home state of Georgia I was a little intimidated by their awesomeness.  BUT…as soon as I stepped foot off that airplane and Karlin picked me up in her Prius with Drake blasting on the stereo, I knew it was going to be a fun weekend.

Karlin and I met several years ago when her and Matthew modeled for a shoot I produced in Atlanta.  We became fast friends via the phone and texting, but never actually met in person.  Karlin is an incredibly talented photographer and brought me out to ATL (shawty) to photograph her head shots for her new website.  As soon as I got in that car full of Drake, and drove off from the airport we started talking, and basically didn't stop until the moment I left a few days later.

We had so much fun eating yummy southern healthy fried food, going to Sid Mashburn (I could honestly live in that store), talking about boyz, drinking red wine, cuddling with their puppies, and taking lots  and lots of pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites that I shot of her and her wonderful husband Matthew.


ManhattanEngagementPhotography 2 ManhattanEngagementPhotography 3 ManhattanEngagementPhotography 4 ManhattanEngagementPhotography 5 ManhattanEngagementPhotography 6 ManhattanEngagementPhotography 7 ManhattanEngagementPhotography 9 ManhattanEngagementPhotography 10

ManhattanEngagementPhotography 8

ManhattanEngagementPhotography 11


Central Park Portraits | Gerard + Jessie

StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 17

Fall in Central Park may be one of the most magical things I have been able to experience in my life.  In fact, I was almost late to this session with Jessie + Gerard, because I literally got so lost in the park because I was in awe of my surroundings.  I just looked up and realized I had no idea where I was…thankfully Google maps helped me get to the Boathouse!

Jessie is a new and sweet friend out in the city (who happens to run one of my favorite blogs called Style and Pepper).  She and her husband Gerard and their darling puppy Sadie met me in Central Park for a quick portrait session and I'm so glad they did!

StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 19 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 18 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 20 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 21

StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 23

StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 22 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 24 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 25 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 26

StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 28

StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 27 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 29 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 30 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 31 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 32

These next three shots may be my favorite from the day!  These two have so much spunk, and I love it.

StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 33 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 34 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 35 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 36 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 37 StyleandPepper.CentralParkEngagements 38





Sometimes I get emails from people, and my soul instantly feels connected to them.  This is what happened when I received an email from Charity.

Charity has gone through some major transformations in her life over the last several years.  Internally and externally.  She is a fighter, yet filled with elegance and grace.  She is a teacher, yet also in a place where she is hungry for growth and constantly learning new things.

She is getting ready to celebrate her 40th birthday, and wanted to capture the essence of her in this space of time.  I couldn't have felt more honored that she came knocking on my door to photograph her.

Charity you are full of grace, depth, creativity, and purpose.  Cheers to the next 40 years...I have a feeling they're going to be life changing years!

DowntownLosAngelesPortraitPhotographer 05

DowntownLosAngelesPortraitPhotographer 07

DowntownLosAngelesPortraitPhotographer 01 DowntownLosAngelesPortraitPhotographer 02

DowntownLosAngelesPortraitPhotographer 06 DowntownLosAngelesPortraitPhotographer 03

DowntownLosAngelesPortraitPhotographer 04 DowntownLosAngelesPortraitPhotographer 08 DowntownLosAngelesPortraitPhotographer 10DowntownLosAngelesPortraitPhotographer 09