Sarah Seven Bridal | The Romantics Collection

Minutes before doors opened to her Bridal Romantics Collection Presentation she had someone on her team light a cigar and puff the sweet smoke throughout the room.

With her indie playlist going in the background; it was the final touch to complete her Parisian Bistro dream come reality.  And to me that is a glimpse into the world of Sarah Seven.  She is attentive to the tiny details.  The ones we may not even notice, but out of conviction and creativity she executes anyways.  That is inspiring to me.  And she invites you into her world of romance, spunk, and adventure.  

Getting to work with Sarah and her team the last several months has been an adventure.  There has been more than one dance party, and lots of laughter.  I can't wait to see what dreams she invites us into next!



Effortless Grace | Carolina Herrera Bridal Collection

Over the last few months I've gotten the privilege to work with one of my favorite designers:  Carolina Herrera.  Her vision is clear, and her work is impeccable.  I can spot a Mrs. Herrera piece from a mile away.  Last week I was able to shoot behind the scenes for their upcoming Bridal Collection.

In between looks I got to know Magda, the model, and became smitten with her elegance and grace.  She is lively and professional, and you can just tell this girl is a hustler!

You have to be one powerful and strong willed woman to enter into the world of modeling.

Have you ever had that overwhelming feeling where all eyes are on you?  Well, magnify that by 1,000 and you sorta have a tiny glimpse into the life of a model.

Today I want to say bravo to Magda for bringing light and beautiful energy on set.  And I want to say bravo to Carolina Herrera for creating an inspiring and positive team atmosphere and set to work with.  I feel very honored!



Editorial | Sarah Seven Romantics Collection

People think photography is a solo mission.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  

It's a team sport.  Everyone from the producer to the designer, hair and make-up stylists, set designers, lighting team, retouchers, photographers have to be on the same page.  And even more so have to be for one another, and the greater vision of the shoot.  It's a collaboration of personalities, artistry, and creativity.  And I adore it.  The collision of bridal and editorial is something I will always love.  There's a softness, a femininity, a lightness to a bride that is unique.  Combine that with a designer like Sarah Seven, and an incredible production team, and I just feel like the luckiest girl to get to be a part of the whole thing.

Here are a few shots from our studio editorial shoot for Sarah Seven's Romantic's Collection.



Thank you to:

Designer:  Sarah Seven

Set Design:  Ariella Flowers

Hair + MU:  FaceTime Beauty

My Team:  Jen Trahan, David R., + Johannes O.

Backstage | Sareh Nouri Bridal Collection

SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 01

A few weeks ago the wonder of Bridal Market took place in New York City.  The last 3.5 years I have had the privilege of shooting Bridal Market.  This fall was my first time at market as a  New York City resident.  This meant I could actually sleep in my own bed each night (which if you know me, makes me one happy camper).

Last Sunday I photographed backstage at the Sareh Nouri Spring 2014 Bridal Collection featuring the lovely headpieces, sashes, and accessories of Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart.  Sareh was just as beautiful as her gowns, inside and out.  Miss Sara of the extremely prestigious wedding blog + Pinterest Burnett Boards featured my work on her site this week.  (I was tickled pink by it!) I was oohing and ahhhing throughout the entire presentation.

Enjoy some of my favorite moments from the presentation...


SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 02 SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 03 SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 04 SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 05 SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 06 SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 07 SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 08 SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 09 SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 11 SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 12 SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 13 SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 14 SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 15 SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 16

Sneak | New York Fashion Week...

Lauren Scruggs + Shannon Yoachum of Lolo Mag

Emily and I have been in NYC for Fashion Week since last Thursday; it has been non stop and full of wonderful little surprises (one being the BLIZZARD that rolled in with conviction on Friday)  I cannot wait to write more, but for now here's a little sneak...

Our view from Billy Reid Fall 2013.  Every single piece of this collection I die over.

Our view from the second row at Monique Lhuillier Fall 2013.  Ladies get ready for Emerald; it's here to stay.

Em shooting backstage at Monique Lhuillier after the show.

My sweet friend Hilary of Dean Street Society connected me with Anna of In Honor of Design.  This lady is a gem.  We took pictures in the snow at Union Square and grabbed coffee at Joes.

I got to meet and shoot Miss Courtney Kerr.  She is such a lovely person, has some awesome sass, and she's from Texas...I knew we'd hit it off!

More to come folks...just wanted to give you a little sneak!


NYC Bridal Market 2013 | Southern Weddings Magazine

The little girl inside me jumps up and down, spins and twirls as I go through these NYC Bridal Market 2013 runway images.  It feels like I'm in a dream to get to photograph some of the most exquisite and exclusive wedding gowns from designers all over the world.  I left almost every show having fallen in love with yet another classic silhouetted dresss full of its own unique and modern twists. And I'm pretty sure I have found my wedding dress (or several of them).  Now all I gotta do is find that right guy!  Enjoy some of my most favorite dresses from NYC Bridal Market 2013, and also be sure and check out my images on Southern Weddings blog from earlier this week!

First off a little behind the scenes at Monique Lhuillier.

This fall was my sixth season of photographing NYC bridal market, and with each season there's that one dress that stands out above the rest to me.  That one that makes my heart simply melt and flip flop like a little school girl.  This season it was none other than Miss Monique Lhuillier that stole my heart.  The silk tulle cap sleeve with floral appliqués, and the sassy slit up the middle.  I'm in love.

Now onto Claire Pettibone.  Claire's line is magical. Each season she takes you on a whimsical, romantic, and ethereal journey, and this season was no different.  What stands out to me most about this lovely Claire Pettibone 2013 collection is the delicate yet structured busts, and the scoop backs filled with intricate details of:  pearls, ribbon, and lace.  Sigh.

Next, Christos, Amsale, and Kenneth Pool are always some of my favorite shows to shoot. Why, you ask?  The lighting is killer at their shows, they always play good music (this season it was Mayer Hawthorne), and there's always red lipstick involved.  And OF COURSE I must add that the dresses are classically structured  with  bows always present... just what any southern gal could ever want.

Reem Acra was one of my favorite shows to photograph at Merceds Benz Fashion Week in September.  She is known for being a trail blazer, taking risks, and always being a step ahead of the rest.   Her 2013 bridal collection did not disappoint.

Ines di Santo has stolen my heart many times.  The Lissome from 2 seasons ago is still the most exquisite gown I have ever seen.  Not only do Ines and her daughter Veronica continually create breathtaking gowns, they are two of the most down to earth and joyful women I have met.

The off the shoulder gown on the left makes me heart swoon; it's so feminine!

Anne Barge is another show I always look forward to.  Her gowns are elegantly tailored and richly romantic.  What I love about Anne Barge is that she embraces curves and real women:)

For the last 5 seasons my last show to photograph has always been Pnina Tornai at Kleinfelds.  Honestly, it's the perfect way to end market.  Pnina Tornai's gowns are sexy and offer that va-va-voom  quality.   Her gowns are filled with low backs, plunging necklines, lace bodices, full skirts and sass upon sass upon sass.

Don't you want one...or two...or three?

Oh NYC and Southern Weddings...and oooh bridal market; it was fun.

Until next time...

Southern Weddings + NYC | Bridal Market

Last week I had the absolute privilege of photographing New York Bridal Market for the lovely ladies of Southern Weddings Magazine:  Marissa and Kristin. Everything about this week was memorable.  Running from show to show, to squeezing in the photographers pit, to walking on the High Line w M & K inbetween shows, to parties, to an editorial shoot in Brooklyn, to yummy coffee, to scarves and fall weather.

I could go on and on and on...but I must say one of my favorite parts was on the last day when the girls and I were so tired that e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g was funny.  You know what I mean?  Like it doesn't matter who says it, when they say it, and what it is you just laugh.  We definitely had to pull ourselves together for the last show (Pnina Tornai), which was unbelievably worth it!  Her Spring Summer 2013 collection was to.die.for.

I'm tickled pink that Southern Weddings is featuring my runway images from the week on their blog today.  Check out their posts HERE and HERE.  Stay tuned as I blog my favorite gowns from NYC Bridal Market on the blog this week:)


The LoLo Ladies

Sometimes you meet a person and within the first few moments of talking you just know that you're kindred spirits. This is how it was the first time I spoke with Lauren.  She is kind, genuine, loves people, (loves The Bachelorette...which is super important in my book), and is a woman who is really walking out her faith and dreams in such an honest and contagious way.

We didn't know what our friendship had in store, but we both felt confident that there was some major purpose in our paths crossing.  Over the past almost year she has been such a sweet and encouraging friend, and has challenged me to chase my dreams unashamedly.

A few months ago I reached out to Lauren asking if I could shoot their street style at New York Fashion Week.  To my excitement she said Y-E-S!!

Lauren and her childhood best friend Shannon run Dallas Based Lolo Magazine.  Fashion, Fitness, and food:  these girls cover their bases well:)

It wasn't until  we were running into the Rebecca Minkoff show that I met Shannon for the first time.  To sum it up:  she's blonde, gorgeous, has amazing style, and is really sweet.

In the midst of running from show to show, to a million appointments, and blogging--these ladies stayed classy the whole week.  Also, may I say how impressed I was that they rocked heels every day??

Ladies, I could be more thankful that y'all let me run around town shooting your outfits and runway shows.  My time in NYC would not have been the same with out you ladies in it!  Can't wait for more memories with y'all:)

Enjoy my final installment of my trip to NYC.  Thanks so much for being on the journey with me the past two weeks!  What were some of your favorite outfits or shows from the past few weeks?

Meet Miss Lauren Scruggs (on the left) and Miss Shannon Yoachum (on the right)...

Friends don't let friends have fly-aways.

I love how uniquely feminine and different Lauren and Shannon dress.'s all about the details.

Shannon blogged her outfits with all the details HERE.

New York Street Style | Part IV

This morning started off on a sour note.  Much to my disappointment I could not get into the Michael Kors show, and on top of that I stealthily got back stage at JCrew, but was given the boot right before the show started. I will say it was a little dream come true to be back stage at JCrew.  Models running every which direction, hopping around putting on shoes while stylists where putting accessories on them, and a team of hair and make-up people attacking their heads.  It was like an All-American Circus back there.  And...You know I was looking for Jenna Lyons!

Disappointed I went to the front of Lincoln Center not too excited to be hanging out in a deserted pavilion (as all the shows were going on).  To my surprise this ended up being my most favorite morning of street style beginning with running into one of my style inspirations Caroline Issa...

Caroline Issa is the fashion editor at Tank Magazine, and also one of the faces for the Fall 2012 JCrew Hello World Campaign.  I actually first found out about her through The Sartorialist, who has photographed her quite a bit over the years.  What I adore about her is her natural makeup, simple hair, and clean look.  She just oozes class.

On their way out of Lincoln Center I ran into Coco and Breezy.  Umm...they are way too cool, and I was so surprised when they asked me my name and how I was doing.  They may look intimidating (which they are), but they are some of the sweetest girls I met all week.

Next I ran into Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere; it's always nice to run into a Cali girl on the East Coast

Running into and chatting with Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist was definitely a highlight of my trip.  His blog is hands down my favorite street style blog, and has been around long before having a fashion blog was a 'thing'.  If you've never watched his interview with Intel, please watch it HERE; it's super inspiring!

Adding to my fabulous morning was another run in with my newest crush Justin Doss, fashion editor of GQ magazine.  He rocks those stripes well.

Below left is Taylor Tomasi, accessory director of Marie Claire magazine.

Reem Acra | Spring Summer 2013 Collection

Reem Acra Spring Summer 2013 Collection. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. You know you watch too much TV when you're at the Reem Acra show, you see leather, and all you can think about is Parks and Rec, Tom and Donna:  Treat yo'self 2011:  Fine leather gooooods....TREAT YO'SELF

After having my treat yo'self moment I thoroughly enjoyed Reem Acra's show, and you might notice as the week started going on I began to weasel my way into better spots in the photographers pit.  Go me!

The next four gowns are for me the highlight of the show.

New York Street Style | Part III

The boldness to be you.  Not someone else, but truly owning the person that no one else can ever be:  YOU. That is what sticks out to me about my day three at Fashion Week.

This young lady may be the most radiant person I photographed all week.  She embodies beauty and confidence, and it was freeing to be around her.

No two are the same.  If I step back I begin to see that there is somewhat of a unity that happens within our differences.

Monique Lhuillier | Spring Summer 2013 Collection

Monique Lhuillier Spring Summer 2013 Collection.  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. When I think of Monique Lhuillier I think of feminine, lacey, off-white wedding gowns (which I absolutely die over).  I didn't really know what to expect for her ready-to-wear collection.  Let me say, I was completely blown away.

Blue is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e, everyone is doing it, yet she took a fresh approach to it by inviting a metallic navy blue with prints, and this amazing teal throughout the collection.

Many of the runway shows I shot were beautiful, but I did not see a lot of risks taken.  This collection, however, really did offer something new.  And I have to stop talking about it, so that you can see the collection.  Because I am in love...

The show started off with these lovely deep navy prints, leather accents, and collarless blazers...

The below pant suit is what I'm aiming for this spring.  I love the peplum top, and the ankle length tailored pant.

I'm sorry amazing navy blue sequins dress, but can I please have you, like now?

What I love about the below gown is it's unexpected from Monique.  The clean structure and hint of peplum is something I have not seen in her collections before.  Way to be bold Monique!

Words don't express how much I adore the sleeves and romantic lace on the below gowns.

This gold gown really was the perfect finish to what I believe to be a perfect collection by Monique.  This collection made me sososo excited to see her new bridal collection next month in NYC for Bridal market!

New York Street Style | Part II

Day two in New York. To be honest this was not a good day.  I woke up exhausted with feet swollen (I made the mistake of wearing heels to FNO and walking over 5 miles, and was still paying for it).

However, I was ready and excited to start my day off at the Lacoste show.  On my way to the subway however, I walked almost a mile in the wrong direction.  Did I mention that it was hot and the humidity was at like 99%?  On top of that it then got super windy, and my wrap dress was becoming a total peep show to the world.

By the time I got to the subway I was dripping sweat, and had no intentions of being found by the Fashion Police due to my wrap dress that would not behave.  Sooo...I literally RAN back to my place in Brooklyn (in my 4-inch Tory Burch's), changed quickly and was headed out the door when it started pouring rain.

There was no way I was going to make the show.  Hot, sweaty, and defeated I decided the only productive thing I could do was take a nap since my next show wasn't until the evening.

After pulling myself together I spent a few hours at my new favorite coffee shop in SoHo:   Saturdays Surf NYC.  The coffee was delicious, and the patio in the back charming, and a great place to sip, journal and have some space.  Which is just what I did.

Not only is Saturdays Surf a great place to chill, but the people were rad.  Below is Saturday Surfs NYC manager Mitsu Lowe.

After a slow afternoon in SoHo I made my way to Lincoln Center for the Monique Lhullier show.  On my way in I grabbed a few shots of street style.

I knew my day was turning around when I ran into Karlie Kloss.  Umm...not only is she gorgeous, she was really really sweet.

Stay tuned for shots from Monique Lhullier's dreamy Spring Summer 2013 Collection.

Rebecca Minkoff | Spring Summer 2013

Rebecca Minkoff Spring Summer 2013 Collection. I knew I was going to love it when the first model in all white walked down the runway to Tennis singing Marathon live.

Reds. Whites. Blues. Florals. Blazers.  Cut-off jean shorts.  It is an all-american bohemian girls' dream all in one line.

You'll probably hear me say this more than once, but really this was my favorite show.  This was my second show of the week, and once again I snuck into the photographers pit.  (I had a horrible spot by the way...but I just worked with what I had).

Everything was so fresh and springy about this line.  I love how Rebecca mixed flirty floral pieces with a splash of playful tomboy.  Not only do I love every piece from this collection, but literally I feel as though I could wear it directly from the runway.  Bravo Rebecca Minkoff.  Nailed it.


The Red White and Blue series was great.  It is what I like to refer to as the Classy Boho.

Mint Green Lace dress.  My favorite look from the show.

As you can see below, I'm literally behind dozens of photographers in this pit (and on my tippy-toes I might add)!

Also, I'm entering a Rebecca Minkoff contest.  Check it out HERE.

New York Fashion Week Street Style | Part I

What surprised me about the trends I saw throughout Fashion Week was that there were so many different types of people, fashion, styles, trends. Sure, there were the ones that were glaringly standing out above the crowd:  leather, print pants, peplum shirts.

However, not one person was the same.  I love how fashion can truly be an extension of who you are, an art form of self expression.  There really are not that many rules.

The one rule that I've realized that I'm going to stick with is to just be me.  Be fully me, that is the most unique thing I will ever have to offer.

Lastly, I'm super excited to have photographed street style at New York Fashion Week for Lauren Scruggs and Shannon Yoachum and their publication LoLo Magazine.  Check out more of my street style pics on their site HERE.

Below is Ella Catliff of the London based fashion blog La Petite Anglaise.  To me this outfit was one of my favorite outfits all week because it was simple, feminine, classic, and elegant.  She isn't trying to hard, and/or trying to 'keep up'.  Ella is timeless in this outfit.

Another favorite:  I just love the simplicity of the white v-neck tee with a pencil skirt and tan belt to draw everything together.

This young lady is gorgeous.  But what I love about this seemless white ensemble is that when someone from the crowd yelled 'who are you wearing'.  She replied back 'It's ALL Zara'.  

See don't have to be a millionaire to dress fashionable.  It's the pieces you pick, and how you wear them:)

Below is LA blogger and stylist Cheyenne from Cheyenne meets Chanel.  You know I'm a sucker for a white blazer.  I Love her Rebecca Minkoff camera box green purse!

Minutes after the Rebecca Minkoff show as I was headed to lunch with some sweet ladies (Miss Lauren Scruggs and Shannon Yoachum.  If you don't know them, puh-lease check out the rad magazine Lolo).  Shannon kept talking about this girl that was wearing a blazer from Rebecca's SS 2013 collection.  Well we turned the corner, and found Miss Jules from Sincerely Jules rockin' the blazer.  I want.  I need. I want. I need.

The last show of my day was the Tommy Hilfiger SS Collection.  Much to my dismay they would not let us (Lauren, Shan, and myself) into the show.  So I stayed and got some shots as everyone was leaving.

Dear Tommy, please let me in next time.

Thanks, Kat.

Below left is Justin Doss, fashion editor of GQ.  Sigh.  So darling.

I may have not made it to the show, but I did meet these sweet guys that walked for Tommy.

I mean really, who doesn't like a guy in a well tailored suit and hat?  And that grin?

And that ends day one of New York Fashion Week Street Style.  More to come:)


Noon by Noor | Spring Summer 2013 Collection

Noon by Noor. Spring Summer 2013 Collection.  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. You want to talk about a fish out of water?

Well...that was me last Friday as I...gulp...snuck into my first Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Show in New York.  Without a press pass I was wondering how in the world I would make it to any shows this fall, but it seemed like God had some different plans for well as my friend Cliff (from The Swell Co.).  Somehow we sauntered into Lincoln Center and found ourselves at the back of the Noon by Noor show that was minutes away from starting.

I kept fidgeting with my camera gear, and looking jealously at the photographers pit wanting so badly to be in it and capturing the show.  The lights went down, music starting, and all of a sudden I ran down the stairs and forced my way into the photographers pit.  I mean you only live once right?  What is it all the kids say these days...#yolo! And.It.was.amazing.

Every piece from this collection is so wearable.  I love the playful feeling of the flowy chiffon skirts, blouses, suits, and the fresh take on a neutral color palettes. I felt like I could wear every look from this show!

Noon by Noor.

The orange jumpsuit below is one of my favorite pieces from the show.

Who said sequins were out?  I love the army green with the brown shorts. these two outfits really are my favorite from the sow.  I love the deep cut of the blazer and the tapered pants; it's perfect.  The sleeves and feminine not-too-high slit on the gown make me s-w-o-o-n.

This was the end of my first runway show at New York Fashion, but just the beginning of all of my adventures.  Stay tuned this week as I show you all about my time in my favorite city.

Dreaming of New York City

For quite some time now, one of my dreams has been to photograph New York Fashion Week. This is a dream that was fun to think about, but the reality of it seemed so far from my grasp.  At the beginning of 2012 I decided that this was the year I was going to shoot New York Fashion Week. (If I'm being honest though, I more or less didn't really think it was ever going to happen).

However...a week and a half ago, I found myself on a plane to New York City with my suitcase, camera, and high hopes in tow to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City.  Me.  Kat Harris, Texas Girl...on my way to shoot runway shows??  What is my life?

So many emotions were going through me as I made my way to the city.  I was giddy because we all know how much I luhveee NYC, excited for adventures, scared that things wouldn't go as I hoped, nervous to meet new people and to weasel my way into very competitive photographers pits, but really I felt vulnerable.

Vulnerable to chase this dream.  When something is just a dream it's nice and pretty and untainted.  When you actually try for it, there is risk.  Risk of failure, disappointment, rejection.  What if I mess up?  What if I have no idea what I'm doing?  What if I look dumb??

But then I remembered that a life without risk is really no life at all, and how some of the most beautiful stories come from taking a step into the unknown.  Leaving the safety net of what I know to a space where I don't know if I will be caught.  I believe a life fully lived is one that continually involves risk.

My goal for New York was to shoot as many shows as I could, meet new people, get my feet a little more wet in the fashion industry, but most of all really be present to the journey God had for me.  I realized I had so many expectations going into this trip, but felt like no matter how things turned out I wanted to open to the story God was writing for me in it all.

Over the past few years I've had the privilege to work in New York quite a bit, and this trip was probably one of my most difficult (but growing) trips.  The next two weeks I'll be blogging everyday about my journey to The Big Apple.  My ups and downs, lefts and rights, adventures, and mishaps.

To kick it off, here is my trip via Instagram...stay tuned as I unfold the rest of my journey over the next two weeks!