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Everything  Caitlin Crosby exudes life.  From the way she smiles while she's listening to people share their stories, to the way she wildly uses her hands when she's talking about something she's excited about, to the way she is running boldly towards her dreams. Caitlin Crosby, musician and founder of The Giving Keys (a rad philanthropic jewelry company), is living a life of meaning, depth, and passion.  Needless to say being around this girl is absolutely inspiring.

A few months ago Caitlin and I met at a local SoCal meeting of creatives, and I was drawn to her contagious and bright personality.  After hanging with her that day I knew that I wanted her to be apart of Mujer.  Over and over again I am humbled that such amazing women would take time out of their insanely busy lives to spend the day with me as I photograph them and hear their stories.  (I'm one lucky girl).

Enjoy getting to know Miss Caitlin Crosby.

Q:  Who is Caitlin Crosby, and what do you do?

I'm a love bug, girls girl, foodie, singer songwriter, jewelry designer, philanthropist, hugger.

Q:  What projects in 2013 are you most excited about?

My new EP coming out June 18 & the videos that we are about to film to go along with it.

Q:  How did The Giving Keys Start?  Where do you hope TGK to be in 5 years?

 I started making & selling them at the Merch tables on tour & then later met a homeless couple on Hollywood blvd I hired to start engraving the keys. In 5 years I'd love it to transition into an apparel line.

Q:  With so much on your plate, what are some tangible things you do to stay inspired?

I like going to church to stay inspired & focused on the meaning behind all of this. Also, I like to meet with other people who've started companies to feel related to....we feed off each other & have great mutual respect & understanding for the load it is... Knowing I'm not alone & that other people can do it, helps me keep going...

Q:  In 20 years when you look back on your life now, what is one thing that if you did NOT pursue you would regret, why?

It wouldn't be anything tangible like pursuing a job... It would be more of an emotional state... I wouldn't want to regret not enjoying the process..

Q:  When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A track star, actress or clothing designer

Q:  Who are 4 people in your life that influence you most?

My amazing boyfriend Colin Benward, my mom & dad, & girlfriend/roomate Megan Morrison

Q:  What are 5 of your most favorite things (anything from a moment in time, to candy, to music, to movies, etc.)

1. N'sync

2. Backstreet boys

3. Foodie food

4. Mexican food (eating chips & salsa @ a restaurant w/good people)

5. Puppies

Q:  If you could give any advice to young women about pursuing their dreams and making them a reality what would it be?

Don't do it because you want attention or if it's a pride thing... Do it because you genuinely are passionate about that thing & what it adds to the world.

Hair + Make-up by the one-and-only Rachel Burney.

The Giving Keys + Hello Giggles

Downtown LA + 2 Best Friends + The Giving Keys + Hello Giggles = Total Awesomeness. Last week, I had the privilege of partnering with an amazing jewelry company, The Giving Keys, on their upcoming Best Friend Collaboration with the oh-so-fabulous blog Hello Giggles.

What made the shoot even better was that we got two real life besties to be apart of the mix.  Miss Katelyn Tarver + Paris Garbowsky (both amazingly talented fa' real...go check them out N O W ! )

And you know my life is always complete when Rachel Burney of Remba Productions does Hair + Make-up.

Lastly, go get your BFF, and grab The Giving Keys + Hello Giggles BFF Necklace!