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The Refined Woman | Karlin

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  Karlin has IMPECCABLE style.   If she did not live on the East Coast I would probably try and invade her closet every single day.  She is all about tailored looks, and  quality over quantity. No, you do not need 8 different pairs of skinny jeans you need that 1 or 2 that fit you like a glove.  And, while the blazer on sale may be tempting, save up for the blazer that fits really well and then take it to your tailor to get an even closer fit.  Building your wardrobe is a marathon not a sprint ladies!

Photo by:  Karlin Perez

  • Why did you choose this outfit? I chose this outfit because I needed some color in my life. I get tired of the same all black outfit and I wanted to break it up while still looking professional and being comfortable at the same time. And a little bit of color blocking never hurt anyone!
  • Was it a success or failure?  Why?  Complete success. This pair of pants have some lycra stretch in them so I'm able to move easily and they still maintain a tailored look. Unless it's a slower day I am constantly moving and tend to be hard on my "shooting clothes".  These pants were a fantastic find because they moved well, looked trim and well fitted, and were completely inexpensive!  I'm also warm enough to shoot into the late fall without having to break out the bulky sweaters that I ultimately sweat to death in.
  • Can you list the brands of all the major/key pieces from the look?  Pants: These were one of those amazing Target finds. Shirt: Ralph Lauren Shoes: Neiman Marcus years ago Belt: JCrew Jewelry: Bauble Bar and my weddings rings (Cathy Waterman), which I chose because they are stackable and stay out of my way while I'm shooting. Perfect for me because I tend to wear very minimal jewelry while I'm working. Scarf: Pashmina Nails: Shellac new found love. They last weeks! Now I can actually show up to shoot with a great manicure without ruining it.