Downtown Fullerton Wedding Photographer

Amanda and James | Downtown Fullerton Wedding

Amanda and James.  Where do I even begin with these two? Amanda and I met at church a few years ago, and ever since she's been a dear friend of mine.  Last fall we were meeting for coffee, and as soon as she stepped through the door I knew something was different.  She had met someone, and was s-m-i-t-t-e-n; it was written all over her face.  She was beaming.  I let the typical catch up chit-chat happen, and waited for her.  Soon enough she began with "Soooooo....I met a guy..."

For some reason, I just knew this was it.  She had met the one.

This guy she met was James, and he swept Miss Amanda off her feet.  He is an artist and in true artist fashion when they began dating he wrote her a song to tell her how much he liked her.  They have become the best of friends, and do everything together.  James is such a good fit for Amanda.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of not only attending their wedding, but photographing it.   I was so honored to be apart of this day.

Amanda and James I am so for you guys, as individuals, as a team, as a couple.  God has great things for your lives together.