Sneak | New York Fashion Week...

Lauren Scruggs + Shannon Yoachum of Lolo Mag

Emily and I have been in NYC for Fashion Week since last Thursday; it has been non stop and full of wonderful little surprises (one being the BLIZZARD that rolled in with conviction on Friday)  I cannot wait to write more, but for now here's a little sneak...

Our view from Billy Reid Fall 2013.  Every single piece of this collection I die over.

Our view from the second row at Monique Lhuillier Fall 2013.  Ladies get ready for Emerald; it's here to stay.

Em shooting backstage at Monique Lhuillier after the show.

My sweet friend Hilary of Dean Street Society connected me with Anna of In Honor of Design.  This lady is a gem.  We took pictures in the snow at Union Square and grabbed coffee at Joes.

I got to meet and shoot Miss Courtney Kerr.  She is such a lovely person, has some awesome sass, and she's from Texas...I knew we'd hit it off!

More to come folks...just wanted to give you a little sneak!


The Refined Woman has Moved...

There's a pattern I'm starting to see in my life:  the path I least expect to go down seem to be the ones that God leads me down time and time again.  Never would I ever have thought 'hey I'm going to start a fashion blog', yet here I am launching a fashion blog with my dear friend Emily Scott. To be honest I feel inadequate.  When I began to move forward with The Refined Woman all these insecurities came flooding in:  why would people want to see my clothes, I'm not fashionable enough, skinny enough, well connected enough, the list goes on friends.

One thing I am committed to is following dreams regardless of fear.  I never want to look back on my life and realize I didn't pursue a dream because I was scared.  In The War of Art by Steven Pressfield he says:

The more scared we are of a calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.

If this is the case, and I think it may be then I must move forward with The Refined Woman.  My phrase for 2013 is New Beginnings, and with the launch of The Refined Woman it is already proving to be just that!

Our hope is that The Refined Woman can be a space to empower young women to embrace their femininity within the workplace.  Please check out the new home of The Refined Woman...




The Refined Woman | Hunter Boots

Happy 2013 to all the wonderful Refined Woman Readers!  The past few months into this journey of connecting with other working women has been such a blast, and I must say there have been quite a few times I have pulled ideas from other looks some of the ladies have submitted.

For example, who can forget Dara of Trent Bailey Photography and her fabulous Pencil Skirt, button up and wedges?

Or Emily's of EmtheGem Photo's High Wasted navy blue trousers with matching tailored blazer?

Karlin of Karlin Perez Photography had one of my favorite classic looks with chinos, button down, and her lovely fuscia pashmina.

This year we have some big goals for The Refined Woman...so just hold on for a bit and we'll be letting you know some fun news!

Now onto my latest outfit.  This outfit was clutch for the last wedding I photographed in San Francisco with Emily Scott.  Literally from the moment we drove up to the Bride's house until we left the reception it was RAINING.  Not misting but pretty much pouring buckets, and need I remind you that it is winter?  My hunter boots were one of those purchases that I was not so sure about because of the price, but over and over again they have come through to shining victory for me!

Photographed by:  Emily Scott

  • Why did you choose this outfit? First of all, it was freezing.  I tried to figure out how I could wear the most amount of clothes with out looking like I was in my snuggie and Uggs.  So Blazer, scarf, and tights it was.  I saw the forecast was rain so I quickly snagged my Hunter Rain Boots, and am so glad I did.
  • Was it a success or failure?  Why?  I would say this outfit was a success and a failure.  Success because my Hunter boots totally came in handy, and they still manage to look classy and professional; it doesn't look like I am wearing gardening shoes.  Failure because although I love my denim pencil skirt, I realized after the fact that I wished it was a few inches longer.  In no way was I hindered while I was shooting, I think the skirt would look more flattering if it was a little bit longer.  Also, the sides of it puffed out a bit at the top which was not the most flattering either.
  • Can you list the brands of all the major/key pieces from the look?  Blazer:  Zara; Top:  Similar (Zara); Skirt:  Anthropologie; Tights:  H&M; Infinity Scarf:  Handmade by a friend find one Similar; Boots:  Nordstrom's

Holiday Par-tay Time | The Refined Woman

Next Week is Christmas. Honestly, where did this fall go?  For me, I'm neck deep in Christmas shopping, finishing up those last few client projects, and mainly just eating lots and lots and lots of holiday treats?  Who's with me?

Also, it's that time of year when we get to bust out our Party Dresses for those annual Holiday/Christmas parties that our friends, families, work, etc. host.

Holiday parties is the time when we women photographers actually can wear super high and uncomfortable heels, bright colors, and short-er hems because we know it'll only be a few hours and we know we're not having to blend into the background  at a shoot.   Emily and I were chatting, and we both just wish we had super fancy lives that we could wear fun one-of-a-kind party outfits everyday.  Either that or be on the show Gossip Girl.  I'll take either.

Enjoy our Christmas outfits.  Which one if your favorite?  Also...get ready for 2013 because we have some fun surprises for you here at The Refined Woman.

Miss Emily Scott a.k.a Em the Gem...

Photographed by:  Kat Harris

Noteable Pieces from Emily's Look:  Dress:  Thrift Store $5.  I cannot EVER get over this fact.  Necklace:  Kate Spade, Shoes:  Christian Louboutin

Mae of Bryan and Mae Photography

Photographed by:  Jillian Bowes

Noteable Pieces from Mae's Look:  Plaid, Sparkles, Navy Blue Blazer...JCrew's Jenny Lyons would be proud.  Mae...you nailed this look.

Miss Emilia of Emilia Jane Photography

Photographed by:  Kina Wicks

Noteable Pieces from Emilia's Look:  Cynthia Rowley Leather Dress.  Ugh.  I die.  Shoes:  Christian Louboutin

And now me:)

Photographed by:  EmtheGem

Noteable Pieces from My Look:  Gold Vintage Dress and Bow Bracelet:  JCrew; Belt:  Thrift Store; Tights + Earrings H&M; Shoes:  ColeHaan

The Refined Woman | Dress to Impress

It's been quite the week for The Refined Woman.

From San Francisco Client Meetings to LA all the way to Paris we've some some classic looks from some of my favorite ladies:  Emily Scott, Sarah Shreves, and Emilia Jane.

Happy Friday folks, and stay tuned for some uber fun Holiday posts for The Refined Woman.

Emily Scott Photographed by:  Simply Jessie

Find full details on her look HERE.

Sarah Photographed by:  Kat Harris

Find full details on her look HERE.

Me Photographed by:  Sarah Shreves

Find full details on my look HERE.

Emilia Photographed by:  Emilia Jane

Find full details on her look HERE.

The Refined Woman | Dress to Impress

Client Meetings. First impressions.

Gulp...this can be scary right?  Well, in my opinion it doesn't have to be...as long as you stay true to who you are.  You'll notice that all three of us:  Emily, Sarah,  and myself have quite different styles, but check out our websites and our client base and you'll find that we are each trying to stay true to our brands through and through.

My business is called Kat Harris Photography.  My name is my brand, just as many of you who are in the creative world.  While it is a top priority and non-negotiable to hone in on your craft and have a solid product/service to offer your clients; it is a mistake to solely focus on your photography.  Everything about me, Kat Harris, embodies my brand.  People are hiring not just a finished product, but an entire experience that only YOU can offer.

Because of this, what you wear when you meet with potential and existing clients is extremely important.  It reveals something about your brand:  your style,  your target market is, your brand personality, etc.

My goal when I go to meet with a client is to be: classic, tailored, with a hint of bohemian.   In essence my goal is to represent myself as fully as I can.  The right client will connect not only connect with your finished product but the entire package.

Photographed by:  Sarah Shreves

  • Why did you choose this outfit? I chose this outfit because I wanted to look tailored and put together.  The pencil skirt really allowed me to do this.  To add some bohemian flares I chose to wear my suede booties (which are so comfortable), my 31 Bits necklace, and a blousy top.
  • Was it a success or failure?  Why?  Success! What I will say though is that after wearing this skirt to a meeting I know I cannot wear it to shoot in; it kept shifting around as I was walking.  For meeting purposes however; it was just fine!
  • Can you list the brands of all the major/key pieces from the look?  Silk Jacket:  Club Monaco; Blouse:  Madewell; Skirt:  Talbots; Shoes:  Urban Outfitters; Necklace:  31 Bits; Bracelet:  Kiel James Patrick 

Onto Miss Emily Scott:  San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Photographed by:  Simply Jessie

  • Why did you choose this outfit?  This was a good outfit challenge for me because growing up in LA I never had to layer like you need to layer in San Francisco. I chose a pencil skirt / tights / sweater combo because it blends professional and casual perfectly. It allowed me to feel put together but not too formal for a client meeting.
  • Was it a success or failure?  Why?  It was a pretty successful outfit, though I did have a bit of trouble when I hit the steep SF streets in my 4" heels...
  • Can you list the brands of all the major/key pieces from the look? Sweater + Pencil Skirt:  JCrew; Top:  Nordstrom BP; Shoes:  Zara; Bag:  Dooney&Burke

Los Angeles Lifestyle photographer + Stylist Miss Sarah Shreves

Photographed by:  Kat Harris

  • Why did you choose this outfit?  When i meet with my clients,  I want to give them the truest representation of me. and this is it.  I rarely wear heals especially with clients because im tall to begin with and I dont want to be towering over them! probably more casual + laid back than people would assume, my style is simple.  Most of my clients are that too:  driven, creative and bold but also easy going, know how to have a good time (on the dance floor) and not too cool for school.
  • Was it a success or failure?  Why?  Yeah, you cant go wrong with a statement tee and skinnies.  These pants are actually more of a legging so i do wish they had some pockets on them.  I need to find a good pair of stretchy, high waisted black pants.  Anyone have recommendations?
  • Can you list the brands of all the major/key pieces from the look?  Shoes: Alexander Wang (Similar);  Pants: F21 (Similar)  Tee: Vintage Weltenbuerger  in Venice ;  Jewelry:  all vintage finds

The Refined Woman | Emily

Dear Emily Scott,

I cannot get over how flawless your style is.  Please dress me everyday.  Thanks,


San Francisco based wedding and lifestyle photographer, Emily Scott aka EmtheGem, has become a dear friend, confidant, and style mentor to me over the last few years.  She has a heart of gold, and an eye for putting together clean, fresh, and wonderfully tailored looks.  Aside from her awesome style, she has a beautiful soul and loves people so well.  Her images exude authenticity, light, and intimacy.  Basically I'm so thankful to be featuring her today on The Refined Woman.  Please check out her work HERE, and let us know what you think of her killer Fall All-American look.

Almost every piece of this look is made-in-America.  I'm in love.

Photo by:  EmtheGem Photography

  • Why did you choose this outfit? For this wedding I was going to be lugging a photo booth setup in addition to my normal gear and I just knew a skirt or dress wasn't going to work for that. After I got the blazer as a gift from my (amazing!) husband I went on a search for pants to go with it and I love these navy high waist trousers from J. Crew. The color and the cut feel more exciting than regular black dress pants. Since it was still unseasonably warm a few weeks ago, I went with a short sleeve button up to keep from overheating.
  • Was it a success or failure?  Why?  Success! I felt put together and polished, and it was a very comfortable outfit. The only drawback was that the pants need a heel and during the last hour I had to ditch them. I blame that on the end of wedding season.
  • Can you list the brands of all the major/key pieces from the look?  Pants - Hutton trouser:  J. Crew (they come in long inseam too!), Schoolboy blazer:  J. Crew, Button up shirt:  American Apparel, Watch: Michael Kors, Wedges:  Salvatore Ferragamo, Camera Strap:  Apolis; Glasses:  Warby Parker