Julia Lovan Designs

Desert Rendezvous | Matt & Jenn

In February I had the privelege of producing this shoot for one of Mike Colón's lectures in Las Vegas.  Jenn and Matt are pretty much the ideal couple that any one could ask for.  They have such awesome chemistry, and aren't too bad looking either!  Thanks so much to 31 Bits and Julia Lovan Designs for hooking us up with some rad jewelry and gowns for this shoot!

Here are some of my favorite images I shot throughout the afternoon.

Vendor Information:

Location:  The Desert.

Production/Wardrobe Styling: Kat Harris

Couple:  Matt and Jenn

Her Wardrobe:  Julia Lovan Designs, 31 Bits, Madewell, Anthropologie

His Wardrobe:  JCrew, H&M, Zara