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Liberty Warehouse Brooklyn Wedding | Jesse + Jen

LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-49 "You're one of the pickiest people I know...and you picked me!" Jen giggled and gave Jesse a sassy look as she read her vows.  He just looked right back at her with such love in his eye, and then couldn't help but laugh too.  It was one of my favorite moments of the day.

Jesse and Jen have been together for six years now, and I've gotten to know them over the past year getting ready for their wedding.  Here's what I have experienced about the two of them:   Jesse and Jen are passionate about living lives of depth and purpose.  They care deeply about their family and friends.  And they are intelligent, well spoken, and never forget to laugh and enjoy every every second of their adventurous lives.

You two,  I just had the most fun getting to know y'all and your journey!  I'm so excited for this next season for the two of you in South America....I'm positive it will be such an incredible adventure.



LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-3ALibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-26LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-2A LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-27LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-29 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-28 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-7LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-9ALibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-8LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-11ALibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-12 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-30LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-15A LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-31 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-32 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-33LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-13LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-36 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-34LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-10 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-37LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-35 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-38 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-39 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-40LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-17a LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-41 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-42 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-20 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-45LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-44

I love this shot.  I feel like it's Jesse + Jen to a 'T'.

LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-46LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-21 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-47LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-22 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-48LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-24 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-25A LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-50LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-43 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-23 LibertyWarehouseBrooklynWedding-52

Marshall + Mallory | Houston Wedding


"When you're walking down that aisle and seeing your partner for the first time on your wedding day you won't be thinking about the past, your heartbreaks, your mistakes...you'll be thinking He was so worth the wait".  A pastor friend of mine told me that years ago, and I've never forgotten it.

The waiting is hard, and can be lonely, frustrating, and every emotion in between. But when you meet that person and find yourself on your wedding day; it will be so worth the wait.  I believe that.

Shooting Marshall and Mallory's wedding was this fleshed out.  They didn't see each other before the ceremony.  The moment when the doors opened and Mallory and her dad walked down the aisle was powerful.  It brought tears to my eyes.  It was holy.

Marshall and Mallory you two are special individually and as a couple.  I'm so grateful that you chose me to capture your day.  God has beautiful things for the two of you.  I truly believe the best is yet to come.


Kat SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-27 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-28SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-8 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-29SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-1SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-2 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-30 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-31SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-7SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-6A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-32 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-33SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-4A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-34SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-14A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-36SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-10A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-37 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-38SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-12SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-39SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-15 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-40 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-16 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-42SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-17 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-43SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-18SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-19 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-44 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-45 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-47 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-48SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-20A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-49SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-24SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-23A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-25 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-51 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-26SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-54 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-55 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-56

I usually don't post a ton of reception pictures.  But honestly...how could I not?


PS.  Shout out to Lindsey Shea for being an incredible assistant!  You're the bomb.com

Stephen + Tara | Central Park Lifestyle


Stephen is from the UK + Tara is from Florida.  Their paths crossed when they were teenagers as Stephen's family took yearly holidays in Florida, and their family became friends.  After one of their first meetings Stephen told his siblings that one day he would marry a girl like Tara.  Years later, after high school graduations, college graduations, and several moves their paths merged once again in Florida.  The connection was instantaneous.  They began the long distance phone calls and emails, and a year later Stephen proposed, and a year after that they got married.

They're now celebrating their 2 year anniversary, and what better way to spend it than in NYC?  (I mean you really can't beat fall in New York!).  Tara + Stephen thank you for sharing your story with me + allowing me to capture you!

The best is yet to come!







CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS002 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS030 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS033A CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS047


CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS050 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS055 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS057 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS064A CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS067 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS079 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS086 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS089 CentralPark.NYC.Engagements.TS090



DUMBO Engagements | Brian + Janet


Brian lived in Pittsburg and Janet was a magazine editor New York City.   Brian's sister decided to play matchmaker, and told him about this amazing gal in the city.  Soon after he bought a flight to NYC to meet this gal (I know it sounds like a movie right...but it gets better).  Their first date went so well, that they decided to have date two the whole next day.  It's safe to say by the end of the weekend their romance was in full swing.  For months they were long distance, flying back and forth to visit each other, and then Brian proposed.

Brian and Janet are two of the sweetest people, and are getting married this fall.  It was such a gift to spend the afternoon in DUBMO with them...I mean honestly...how cute are they?









DUMBO.BrooklynEngagements-11 DUMBO.BrooklynEngagements-23





DUMBO.BrooklynEngagements-22 DUMBO.BrooklynEngagements-17


Mujer | Caitlin Crosby

Everything  Caitlin Crosby exudes life.  From the way she smiles while she's listening to people share their stories, to the way she wildly uses her hands when she's talking about something she's excited about, to the way she is running boldly towards her dreams. Caitlin Crosby, musician and founder of The Giving Keys (a rad philanthropic jewelry company), is living a life of meaning, depth, and passion.  Needless to say being around this girl is absolutely inspiring.

A few months ago Caitlin and I met at a local SoCal meeting of creatives, and I was drawn to her contagious and bright personality.  After hanging with her that day I knew that I wanted her to be apart of Mujer.  Over and over again I am humbled that such amazing women would take time out of their insanely busy lives to spend the day with me as I photograph them and hear their stories.  (I'm one lucky girl).

Enjoy getting to know Miss Caitlin Crosby.

Q:  Who is Caitlin Crosby, and what do you do?

I'm a love bug, girls girl, foodie, singer songwriter, jewelry designer, philanthropist, hugger.

Q:  What projects in 2013 are you most excited about?

My new EP coming out June 18 & the videos that we are about to film to go along with it.

Q:  How did The Giving Keys Start?  Where do you hope TGK to be in 5 years?

 I started making & selling them at the Merch tables on tour & then later met a homeless couple on Hollywood blvd I hired to start engraving the keys. In 5 years I'd love it to transition into an apparel line.

Q:  With so much on your plate, what are some tangible things you do to stay inspired?

I like going to church to stay inspired & focused on the meaning behind all of this. Also, I like to meet with other people who've started companies to feel related to....we feed off each other & have great mutual respect & understanding for the load it is... Knowing I'm not alone & that other people can do it, helps me keep going...

Q:  In 20 years when you look back on your life now, what is one thing that if you did NOT pursue you would regret, why?

It wouldn't be anything tangible like pursuing a job... It would be more of an emotional state... I wouldn't want to regret not enjoying the process..

Q:  When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A track star, actress or clothing designer

Q:  Who are 4 people in your life that influence you most?

My amazing boyfriend Colin Benward, my mom & dad, & girlfriend/roomate Megan Morrison

Q:  What are 5 of your most favorite things (anything from a moment in time, to candy, to music, to movies, etc.)

1. N'sync

2. Backstreet boys

3. Foodie food

4. Mexican food (eating chips & salsa @ a restaurant w/good people)

5. Puppies

Q:  If you could give any advice to young women about pursuing their dreams and making them a reality what would it be?

Don't do it because you want attention or if it's a pride thing... Do it because you genuinely are passionate about that thing & what it adds to the world.

Hair + Make-up by the one-and-only Rachel Burney.

Mujer | Bianca Olthoff

A few years ago I ran across Bianca Olthoff's blog In the Name of Love.  Within minutes I felt as though she was my long lost soul sister. Bianca is vibrant, full of life, and radiates.  She uses her hands when she speaks...(like a lot), and fiercely chases her dreams without looking back.  What really stands out to me about Bianca is her love for Jesus and her love for people.  Her faith isn't compartmentalized nice and neat with a pretty bow on it in the God section of her life; it seeps into every area of her life.  When you truly love someone or something you cannot keep it in a box.  Love is doesn't allow for that.

I was so nervous to photograph her, because I look up to her so much, and was nervous that I'd say something super awkward (note:  that happens in most of my conversations with people) or that I'd just start laughing for no reason (note:  that happens a lot too).

BUT, the life giving and bright person that I have read about on her blog and heard about from others is the same person I met and photographed.  (You better believe we had some C-H-U-R-C-H in our car ride to LA).

Bianca is a gem. Her story encourages and inspires me to fight to live a life of depth and meaning and purpose.  I am so thrilled to share these images of Bianca and bits and pieces of her story.

Bianca thank you!  Thank you for sharing your heart, your passion, your resolve, and your laughter with me; it's contagious and absolutely lovely!t

Q:  Who is Bianca Olthoff, and what do you do?
A:  Other than solving the world's problems, researching a cure for cancer, and helping elderly women cross the street, I'm really a down-to-earth girl who loves hard, laughs loud, and is passionate about freedom.  [Note: I'm also dramatic and will exaggerate things... like finding a cure for cancer ;)] By day I'm Chief Storyteller for The A21 Campaign, a global anti-human trafficking organization. By night I'm a writer, wife, step-mom, and bible teacher.

Q:  So, you’re a wife, mother, blogger, speaker, and human rights activist.  Does it ever feel like all you do is work?  How do you stay balanced and keep your priorities straight while being apart of so many different things?  
A:  Yes, I work very hard. But I once heard it said, do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do. I have to wake up at 5:00am everyday to get to accomplish what is set before me. The day is full and I usually don't stop until about 9:00pm to read. [And by "read" I mean watch something on Bravo.]
In all seriousness, balance is a word I'm still trying to reconcile. By definition, balance requires taut lines, rigidity, and perfection. But how many people really live life in this manner? We advocate for balance, but what we really want is a way to celebrate life without being ruled by it. This will look different for every woman in various life stages. For the new mom with an infant, waking up at dawn to run five miles is not possible. I have two step-kids so staying up until 2:00pm to hang out with friends and build community is unrealistic. But how can each of us celebrate the freedom we have with the responsibility we are entrusted with? That's what I'm more fascinated with!
So instead of fighting for balance, I'm fighting for running hard and extending grace. Run hard: Do the work. Extend grace: Sometimes we fail. 

Q:  You got married a few years ago, and have been vocal on your blog about being single and transitioning into this new season of life.  Do you have any advice for young ladies like myself who are single, ambitious, and want to find that man?
A:  Yes! The two most important things to look for both begin with the letter J:
  1. Jesus. Does this man love Jesus? And I'm not talking about whether he attends church or has a 10-pound bible. Does he LOVE Jesus and live by His word? There is a direct proportion to how a man loves God and how he will love you. He may be hot, but so is hell. Stay away from men who don't love Jesus. ;)
  2. Job. Does this man have a J-O-B? We don't need to continually feed the cycle of ManBoys who refuse to grow up and be cared for by independent women. No woman deserves to be married to a leech!

Q:  Do you think there are some healthy ways a godly woman can put herself out there without seeming aggressive or desperate?
A:  The best way to meet guys and have them know you're available is to be in similar social circles. Do you have a free night? Round up some people from church for dinner? There is an event at church for young adults. Go. Check it out. And if you're really crazy like me, take a stab at online dating. You never know who you might meet. For me, a coffee date ended up leading to marriage :)
Q:  With so much on your plate, what are some tangible things you do to stay inspired?
A:  I read. A lot. I always have literature with me in case I get a few minutes to sneak in a novel, article, or news report. I also love listening to This American Life or watching foreign films.

Q:  There are so many aspiring bloggers out there.  What are some tips you would give someone that is trying to enter into the (intimidating) world of blogging?
A:  In the words of Nike, JUST DO IT! Take a baby step and be committed to the art of writing and posting. Whether it's a thought, a poem, a picture, or a story, post it, share it, and let others be inspired by your art. 

Q:  Who are 4 people in your life that influence you most?
  1. My dad. He came to this country with absolutely nothing and has given his life for the benefit others. I adore him!
  2. My mom. She's survived two forms of cancer, asthma, relapsing polycondritis, and five children. She's my hero!
  3. My husband. He deals with me and all my personalities. We thank him!
  4. My twin sister. We've been wombmates since day one. I love her!
Q:  When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A:  I wanted to be Connie Chung, the 1990s news reporter for ABC Nightly News. I loved how she was able to tell stories from around the globe and how it affected our world. I may not be Korean and I may not work for ABC, but I now the baton of communication has been passed onto to us to share with the world what is going on around the globe. It's truly an honor. 

Q:  What are 5 of your most favorite things (anything from a moment in time, to candy, to music, to movies, etc.)
  1. iPhone: It's my bible, calendar, communication device, calculator, and map. 
  2. Ricci: He's my adorable Daschund  who I've fallen in love with.
  3. Stories: Nothing is more powerful that the art of storytelling. I can't live without them. 
  4. My wedding day: Everything was simply magical.
  5. My husband's study bible: It's MASSIVE and my favorite thing is to go through it and read his notes or highlighted passages to see how God spoke to him. 

Q:  If you could give any advice to young women about pursuing their dreams and making them a reality what would it be?
A:  Take the first step. Walking into the unknown is like attempting to find the light switch in a completely dark room. You may stumble, bump yourself, and maybe even fall down... but eventually you WILL find it. And the light will shine through and illuminate the path you created along the way.

Mr. J David | Kiss and Tell


I feel honored to have friends like James David in my life.

He's the type of person that when you're talking with him always has a smile on his face.  Like always.

What I love about James David is that he is not merely talking about his dreams, he is sprinting after them.  Boldly.  Without shame.  When he sings I really think time does actually slow down a little.

James I am so thankful for you, and so so proud of you!  Check out his new single KISS + TELL here!

Sneak | New York Fashion Week...

Lauren Scruggs + Shannon Yoachum of Lolo Mag

Emily and I have been in NYC for Fashion Week since last Thursday; it has been non stop and full of wonderful little surprises (one being the BLIZZARD that rolled in with conviction on Friday)  I cannot wait to write more, but for now here's a little sneak...

Our view from Billy Reid Fall 2013.  Every single piece of this collection I die over.

Our view from the second row at Monique Lhuillier Fall 2013.  Ladies get ready for Emerald; it's here to stay.

Em shooting backstage at Monique Lhuillier after the show.

My sweet friend Hilary of Dean Street Society connected me with Anna of In Honor of Design.  This lady is a gem.  We took pictures in the snow at Union Square and grabbed coffee at Joes.

I got to meet and shoot Miss Courtney Kerr.  She is such a lovely person, has some awesome sass, and she's from Texas...I knew we'd hit it off!

More to come folks...just wanted to give you a little sneak!


Brooke White | Sneak Peak

"...For a long while it felt as if music pursued me… I lacked confidence, lacked belief in my own voice, doubted my gifts… but it was those around me that saw something and just nudged me enough to  try. I resisted, would take a step in the dark, then would quit, only for the 'dream' to return like a boom-a-rang." -Brooke White

Goodness.  This women is the real deal.  I cannot wait to share more of Brooke's story, and more from our fun shoot on Monday...

Hair and Make-up by:  Amy Clarke

The Refined Woman has Moved...

There's a pattern I'm starting to see in my life:  the path I least expect to go down seem to be the ones that God leads me down time and time again.  Never would I ever have thought 'hey I'm going to start a fashion blog', yet here I am launching a fashion blog with my dear friend Emily Scott. To be honest I feel inadequate.  When I began to move forward with The Refined Woman all these insecurities came flooding in:  why would people want to see my clothes, I'm not fashionable enough, skinny enough, well connected enough, the list goes on friends.

One thing I am committed to is following dreams regardless of fear.  I never want to look back on my life and realize I didn't pursue a dream because I was scared.  In The War of Art by Steven Pressfield he says:

The more scared we are of a calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.

If this is the case, and I think it may be then I must move forward with The Refined Woman.  My phrase for 2013 is New Beginnings, and with the launch of The Refined Woman it is already proving to be just that!

Our hope is that The Refined Woman can be a space to empower young women to embrace their femininity within the workplace.  Please check out the new home of The Refined Woman...




Sneak Peak | Casey Wiegand

A few weeks ago when I was Home for the Holidays, I had the PRIVILEGE to spend the afternoon with Dallas Blogger/Wife/Mom/Artist/Dreamer/Make-it-Happen-Gal Casey Leigh Wiegand. Here's a Sneak Peak from our shoot, check back Monday for the Full Post and interview with Mrs. Wiegand:)

The Refined Woman | Hunter Boots

Happy 2013 to all the wonderful Refined Woman Readers!  The past few months into this journey of connecting with other working women has been such a blast, and I must say there have been quite a few times I have pulled ideas from other looks some of the ladies have submitted.

For example, who can forget Dara of Trent Bailey Photography and her fabulous Pencil Skirt, button up and wedges?

Or Emily's of EmtheGem Photo's High Wasted navy blue trousers with matching tailored blazer?

Karlin of Karlin Perez Photography had one of my favorite classic looks with chinos, button down, and her lovely fuscia pashmina.

This year we have some big goals for The Refined Woman...so just hold on for a bit and we'll be letting you know some fun news!

Now onto my latest outfit.  This outfit was clutch for the last wedding I photographed in San Francisco with Emily Scott.  Literally from the moment we drove up to the Bride's house until we left the reception it was RAINING.  Not misting but pretty much pouring buckets, and need I remind you that it is winter?  My hunter boots were one of those purchases that I was not so sure about because of the price, but over and over again they have come through to shining victory for me!

Photographed by:  Emily Scott

  • Why did you choose this outfit? First of all, it was freezing.  I tried to figure out how I could wear the most amount of clothes with out looking like I was in my snuggie and Uggs.  So Blazer, scarf, and tights it was.  I saw the forecast was rain so I quickly snagged my Hunter Rain Boots, and am so glad I did.
  • Was it a success or failure?  Why?  I would say this outfit was a success and a failure.  Success because my Hunter boots totally came in handy, and they still manage to look classy and professional; it doesn't look like I am wearing gardening shoes.  Failure because although I love my denim pencil skirt, I realized after the fact that I wished it was a few inches longer.  In no way was I hindered while I was shooting, I think the skirt would look more flattering if it was a little bit longer.  Also, the sides of it puffed out a bit at the top which was not the most flattering either.
  • Can you list the brands of all the major/key pieces from the look?  Blazer:  Zara; Top:  Similar (Zara); Skirt:  Anthropologie; Tights:  H&M; Infinity Scarf:  Handmade by a friend find one Similar; Boots:  Nordstrom's

Holiday Par-tay Time | The Refined Woman

Next Week is Christmas. Honestly, where did this fall go?  For me, I'm neck deep in Christmas shopping, finishing up those last few client projects, and mainly just eating lots and lots and lots of holiday treats?  Who's with me?

Also, it's that time of year when we get to bust out our Party Dresses for those annual Holiday/Christmas parties that our friends, families, work, etc. host.

Holiday parties is the time when we women photographers actually can wear super high and uncomfortable heels, bright colors, and short-er hems because we know it'll only be a few hours and we know we're not having to blend into the background  at a shoot.   Emily and I were chatting, and we both just wish we had super fancy lives that we could wear fun one-of-a-kind party outfits everyday.  Either that or be on the show Gossip Girl.  I'll take either.

Enjoy our Christmas outfits.  Which one if your favorite?  Also...get ready for 2013 because we have some fun surprises for you here at The Refined Woman.

Miss Emily Scott a.k.a Em the Gem...

Photographed by:  Kat Harris

Noteable Pieces from Emily's Look:  Dress:  Thrift Store $5.  I cannot EVER get over this fact.  Necklace:  Kate Spade, Shoes:  Christian Louboutin

Mae of Bryan and Mae Photography

Photographed by:  Jillian Bowes

Noteable Pieces from Mae's Look:  Plaid, Sparkles, Navy Blue Blazer...JCrew's Jenny Lyons would be proud.  Mae...you nailed this look.

Miss Emilia of Emilia Jane Photography

Photographed by:  Kina Wicks

Noteable Pieces from Emilia's Look:  Cynthia Rowley Leather Dress.  Ugh.  I die.  Shoes:  Christian Louboutin

And now me:)

Photographed by:  EmtheGem

Noteable Pieces from My Look:  Gold Vintage Dress and Bow Bracelet:  JCrew; Belt:  Thrift Store; Tights + Earrings H&M; Shoes:  ColeHaan

Craig and Mariana | San Diego Wedding

She was his big sis  in the business fraternity they were in during college.  There was a strict rule that you were not allowed to date your big. But Craig and Mariana decided to play by their own rules.  Between classes, study sessions, and spring formals they developed a relationship that has developed and grown over the years into a grounded, adventurous, and beautiful love.

A few weeks ago I was beyond thrilled to photograph their San Diego wedding.  You see...I've secretly been so excited for this day.  Ever since their engagement session I knew these two were going to have such a fun wedding...and (as I pat myself on the back) I was right.  The whole day was just magical, and a lot of Mariana's family flew in from Central America...and they.can.dance.  And dance they did.  All the night long!

Mariana and Craig I hope y'all are having the time of your lives on your honeymoon!  Shooting your wedding was such a gift!

We were trying to have a quiet moment between the sisters, and this is what transpired.  I think I like this better:)

While I was with the ladies my amazing assistant for the day, Emily Blake, grabbed shots of the guys getting ready.  Emily...you're the bomb.com.  There I said it.

This image of Mariana getting her dress unbustled is one of my favorite moments of the day.  She has such a confident beauty.

While I was shooting portraits of Craig and Mariana Emily grabbed some killer reception details!

The Refined Woman | The Ladies

I'm so excited to introduce to you the rad ladies that are participating in The Refined Woman. Without further ado...here are The Ladies of The Refined Woman.

Dara Kent-Cobb: NYC Wedding Photographer of Trent Bailey Photography, founder/creative director of Preston&Olivia.

Photographed by:  Trent Bailey

  • If you could describe your style in 5 words what would it be? That would depend on the day. I feel like my style is all over the place because I wake up each day and decide who I want to be. But if I were to look at my wardrobe, I would say my pieces as a whole are: Classic, tailored, fashionable, downtown, girl-meets-boy (the hyphens make it one word :) )
  • If you had no budget what 3 places would you shop at. My three B's: Barney's, Bergdorfs, Billy Reid
  • Let's be real, wer'e all on a budget...where do you really shop at?  Zara, J. Crew, ASOS
  • What draws you into the art of photography?  I love history and photography allows you to document history by capturing a moment in time and keeping it forever.  I love wedding photography because it enables me to document a very special day in the life of couples so in love, that they've decided to commit their lives to one another, and I don't think there's anything more beautiful to capture than love.

Sarah Shreves:  LA Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer and Stylist

Photographed by:  Heidi Burkey

  • If you could describe your style in 5 words what would it be? Subtlety masculine, contemporary, clean, and modern boheme.
  • If you had no budget what 3 places would you shop at.  Anaise, Philip Lim, Lauren Moffatts.
  • Let's be real, wer'e all on a budget...where do you really shop at?  The clearance rack at zara, sales at nordstroms rack, tjmaxx contemporary section, my favorite amvets thrift store in san diego + estate sales.
  • What draws you into the art of photography?  The relationships and spaces i can create; it’s a powerful thing to photograph someone, to create a space in which they feel empowered to just "do them", to be free and own who they are in front of my camera. When they do, the creative process moves from a one sided ‘ im photographing them’ to, they are being photographed and creating art with me.

Rebekah Hood:  West Palm Beach FL. Wedding Photographer, Kallima Photography

Photographed by:  Kat Harris

  • If you could describe your style in 5 words what would it be? Classic, relaxed, comfortable, colorful, feminine
  • If you had no budget what 3 places would you shop at?  Anthropologie, JCrew, Madewell.
  • Let's be real, wer'e all on a budget...where do you really shop at?  Target, JCrew Factory, H&M
  • What draws you into the art of photography?  Being a creative is a hard thing to categorize and compartmentalize.  I love art because I love color, movement, and things that are full of life.  Photography gives me the opportunity to harness my art and translate that color and life and movement into something that is forever.

Kat Harris: LA/OC Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Photographed by:  Angi Welsch

  • If you could describe your style in 5 words what would it be?  Classy, prep with a hint of bohemian, tailored, diverse (before I buy an item I go through in my head how many different ways/outfits I could wear it with).
  • If you had no budget what 3 places would you shop at?  Club Monaco, Marc Jacobs, JCrew.
  • Let's be real, wer'e all on a budget...where do you really shop at?  Zara, JCrew and Anthropologie sales racks.
  • What draws you into the art of photography?  Ever since I was little images moved me.  There’s something so powerful about capturing a real moment.  What keeps me falling deeper and deeper in love with photography is the art of capturing real life moments between people, whether it be a quiet moment in between actions, a burst of laughter, or the movement of a tendril of hair when a slight breeze passes by...I love everything about it.

Emily Scott:  San Francisco Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Photographed by:  Sarah Shreves

  • If you could describe your style in 5 words what would it be?  Simple. Classic. Colorful. Bold. Polished.
  • If you had no budget what 3 places would you shop at?  Marc Jacobs.  Celine.  Chloe.
  • Let's be real, wer'e all on a budget...where do you really shop at?  JCrew, Nordstrom, Madewell, Urban Outfitters, and Thrift Stores.
  • What draws you into the art of photography?  I love being able to capture beauty in the everyday and ordinary moments. I am drawn to emotions and colors and being able to hold onto the good things to savor later.

Karlin Perez, North Carolina Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

Photographed by:  Katie Holley

  • If you could describe your style in 5 words what would it be?  Minimal and classic but a touch unrefined, with a little bit of androgyny...I don't have a fifth, remember, I'm a minimalists :)
  • If you had no budget what 3 places would you shop at?   I have to only pick THREE?! Alright...Ralph Lauren for the classics (I miss my discount), Alexander McQueen for the edge and Valentino, well, because every girl needs one Valentino...
  • Let's be real, wer'e all on a budget...where do you really shop at?  I will always stand by the argument for "quality vs. quantity". It doesn't mean it has to be designer...just made well! So I save up and invest in classic pieces that will last a lifetime. The kind you can pass to your kids. But in between the investment pieces....Allsaints, Gap for the basics, My husband's closet.
  • What draws you into the art of photography?  Simple...the lives that are behind the pictures that we make.

The Refined Woman | Intro

It’s been one of my goals to find that ‘ideal’ outfit to shoot in while still staying true to my fashion sense, and being a woman. What does it look like to be a woman in the work place?

How can I celebrate my femininity while still being professional?

What are the it shoes to wear on a 12 hour day of shooting that won't kill you're feet, but also aren't those awful black reeboks?

As I have pursued photography over the last several years these questions and more have come to mind countless times.

One of the first weddings I shot I wore a little black dress and pointy toed black shoes from Target.  I looked the part, and was ready to be a real photographer.  By the end of the almost 12 hour day I was locked in the bathroom trying not to cry because my feet felt like they were going to fall off. ‘This must be what it feels like to have two broken feet’, I kept telling myself.

The guy photographer I shot with must have thought I was crazy for wearing what I wore, but he was in a Prada suit for crying out loud and looked like a million bucks.  It seemed really unfair, because I felt as though if I would have worn anything less put together I would have looked like his kid sister who got ready 5 minutes before she left and just picked up her camera for the first time that day.

Being a woman it can be difficult to find an appropriate, functional, professional outfit, with comfortable shoes for a 12 hour work day--let alone a wedding--while at the same time looking feminine and fashionable.

There has to be a way to have both femininity and functionality...there just has to.  Are you with me ladies?

This is going to be an ongoing series of posts where I will be living out this little goal of mine with you.  I’ve had outfits that have totally failed over the last several years, skirts that have flown up in the wind, dresses that I thought I almost ripped while bending over to get that perfect shot of an invitation, and...well you get the idea.

BUT I have also found some outfits that have surprisingly totally worked.  This will be a place where you not only see my successes and failures, but also the wardrobe of some rad lady photographers in major cities throughout the US.

What I am really excited about is that each woman that I have invited to be apart of this project has a distinct style, and take different risks within their wardrobe.  These are all women that run successful photography businesses, consistently create moving images, and have impeccable fashion taste.

With each post I would love to know your thoughts, questions, and reactions as well.  I am excited to share this journey with some pretty amazing ladies, and hope to challenge and encourage other women to not only rock it when they’re shooting, but also to stay feminine, and true to who they are throughout the whole process!

Lastly, if you have a look you would like to submit, please email me at info@katharrisweddings.com for more information.

Get ready for my next post tomorrow where I'll be introducing the LEGIT LADIES involved with The Refined Woman.

Dear Summer

Dear Summer, I'm not ready for you to leave.

I'm not ready for shorter days, sweaters, and falling leaves.

On Saturday, I experienced a summer day of all summer days.  I never wanted it to end.  It's not just that it was summer, it was all the nostalgic emotions that come with it. It was that mutual feeling with friends that we can stay out a little later, swim longer in the ocean, linger for just a few moments more at brunch, all because of summer.

We woke up and hiked on the beach, and then ran into the ocean and swam the better part of the afternoon away.  We drove up the coast through Malibu to a winery to snack on cheese, crackers, and cabernet sauvignon.  We moved slowly, without rush, telling stories, singing in the car, and stopping on the side of the road to take pictures just because.  The plan was that there was no plan as long as we were together.

It didn't matter really what it was, just as long as we were together.  These are the summer days that I hope not to forget, and that I'm not ready to say good bye to.

Summer, please please stay just a little while longer.