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Marshall + Mallory | Houston Wedding


"When you're walking down that aisle and seeing your partner for the first time on your wedding day you won't be thinking about the past, your heartbreaks, your mistakes...you'll be thinking He was so worth the wait".  A pastor friend of mine told me that years ago, and I've never forgotten it.

The waiting is hard, and can be lonely, frustrating, and every emotion in between. But when you meet that person and find yourself on your wedding day; it will be so worth the wait.  I believe that.

Shooting Marshall and Mallory's wedding was this fleshed out.  They didn't see each other before the ceremony.  The moment when the doors opened and Mallory and her dad walked down the aisle was powerful.  It brought tears to my eyes.  It was holy.

Marshall and Mallory you two are special individually and as a couple.  I'm so grateful that you chose me to capture your day.  God has beautiful things for the two of you.  I truly believe the best is yet to come.


Kat SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-27 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-28SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-8 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-29SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-1SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-2 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-30 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-31SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-7SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-6A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-32 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-33SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-4A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-34SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-14A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-36SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-10A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-37 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-38SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-12SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-39SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-15 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-40 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-16 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-42SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-17 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-43SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-18SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-19 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-44 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-45 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-47 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-48SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-20A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-49SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-24SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-23A SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-25 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-51 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-26SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-54 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-55 SecondBaptistHoustonWeddingPhotography.MM-56

I usually don't post a ton of reception pictures.  But honestly...how could I not?


PS.  Shout out to Lindsey Shea for being an incredible assistant!  You're the bomb.com

Keith + Ashley | Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding

PleasantdaleChateauWedding-3 Keith and Ashley.  The energy the two of you bring into a room is magnetic.  Keith I love how you just own the room.  You know no stranger, and can make people feel at ease in a second.  Ashley I love how caring and thoughtful you are.  The women in your life look up to you in a very real and precious way.

Together the two of you are generous, thoughtful, and bursting at the seams with life.  Your best is yet to come.  Thank you for entrusting me to capture your wedding; it was such a gift!











PleasantdaleChateauWedding-16PleasantdaleChateauWedding-17 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-4

PleasantdaleChateauWedding-18 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-5


PleasantdaleChateauWedding-6 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-7 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-21 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-22 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-25 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-26 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-27 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-28 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-29 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-30 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-31 PleasantdaleChateauWedding-32



Lula Kate + Kate McDonald Bridal

1.LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-16 The stars aligned last fall when Beth Chapman of The White Dress reached out to me to photograph a shoot she put together with Lula Kate bridesmaids + wedding gown designer Kate McDonald.  It turned out to be the All-American , preppy girl dream bridal shoot (and I was swooning every second of the day--Kate McDonald even hand painted this wedding gown!).  We had a team of amazing creatives to pull off this bride + bridesmaid shoot , and Connecticut was the perfect backdrop.

Style Me Pretty published the shoot on their site today.  Please venture over + share some love!

I cannot wait to work with these fabulous ladies again!
















LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-11A LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-14 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-17



LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-23 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-24 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-26 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-27 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-28 LulaKate.KateMcdonald.Bridal.Wedding-31



The Dream Team

Photographer:  Kat Harris

Creative Production + Stylist:  Beth, The White Dress

Hair:  Emily Reale

Make-up:  Jennie Fresa

Florals:  Hana Floral Design

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lula Kate

Wedding Gown:  Kate McDonald

Tablescape + Decor:  True Event

Linens:  La Tavola Linens

Invitations + Paperie:  Tie the Binds Weddings

Jason + Lauren | Dallas Wedding Photography


When I think of Lauren and Jason I think of: depth, authenticity, laughter, and power.  What is amazing about their love is that individually they both have passion to be a positive voice in our culture, and together the power they have to be leaders in our world is endless. (Not to mention their love is completely infectious!) Their wedding day was flawless. Surrounded by their family and community they celebrated what God has done in their lives, and their journey towards forever. Lauren was so full of peace and so grounded that day, and Jason is always a ball of energy and such a light. Their ceremony was intimate and tears and laughter brought their announcement of husband and wife. Todd Events created an effortless winter chic vibe, and to say there was an epic dance party is an understatement. Jason and Lauren you two are gems. You bring such light to our world, and we are so excited for your lives to unfold! XO, Kat + Linz

P.S.  Another really special part of shooting this wedding was the unique experience I got to shoot with one of my long time friends Lindsey Shea.  Lindsey is one of the most intentional + loyal people that I have met.  It was a unique situation because we got to team up together.  I'm so grateful to have gone through this experience with her!  Lindsey I love you friend!

P.S.S.  Be sure + check out our feature on Style Me Pretty today!






Kennedy-Scruggs079 Kennedy-Scruggs115 Kennedy-Scruggs124 Kennedy-Scruggs125 Kennedy-Scruggs164


Kennedy-Scruggs418A Kennedy-Scruggs448 Kennedy-Scruggs459 Kennedy-Scruggs466 Kennedy-Scruggs467

Kennedy-Scruggs487A Kennedy-Scruggs592 Kennedy-Scruggs607


Kennedy-Scruggs656 Kennedy-Scruggs724 Kennedy-Scruggs729 Kennedy-Scruggs732A Kennedy-Scruggs747 Kennedy-Scruggs751

Toddy + Angela of Todd Events created an beautiful winter chic vibe for the reception!

Kennedy-Scruggs1214 Kennedy-Scruggs1222A Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding657 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding663 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding679

It was so cool to see my NYC Pastor, Carl Lentz, at the wedding!  He represented NYC!

Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding704 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding755 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding801 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding840 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding1068

How amazing does this cake by Fancy Cakes look?? (I may have had a bite + it was delicious!!)


These folks know how to PAR-TAY...

Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding1125 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding1218 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding1296 Kennedy.Scruggs.Wedding1300

Photography:  Lindsey Shea + Kat Harris 

Event Design:  Todd Events

Paperie:  Scarlet + Gold

First Gown:  Romona Keveza

Pink Gown:  Nardos Imam

Hair + Make-up:  Remba Productions

Venue:  Four Seasons Dallas

Band:  Cuvee

Jim + Natalie | Highland Country Club Wedding

HighlandCountryClubWedding-23 Natalie + Jim got married a few weeks ago in Upstate.  They have a special place in my heart.  I cried multiple times throughout their wedding...so many beautiful moments.  You two have something rare, deep, and true.  Cheers to your beautiful journey...thank you for allowing me to be apart of it!







HighlandCountryClubWedding-5 HighlandCountryClubWedding-6




HighlandCountryClubWedding-7 HighlandCountryClubWedding-8 HighlandCountryClubWedding-18 HighlandCountryClubWedding-20 HighlandCountryClubWedding-21




HighlandCountryClubWedding-26 HighlandCountryClubWedding-27









Thank you Lindsey Shea for being the best assistant ever! Location:  Highland Country Club Event Design + Coordination:  Erin Braun Design



The Green Building | Brooklyn Wedding


It's been quite the year here in Brooklyn.  Each month I love learning the ins + outs of this unique + artisan cove of New York.  What I've learned is that Brooklynites like all things artisan + all things local!  I got together with a lovely team of Brooklyn Wedding Vendors + we created the ultimate Brooklyn Wedding at The Green Building right around the corner.  Ara from Rock Paper Scissor Events made what was in my mind a reality + so much better than I could have hoped for!  (Ara...you're amazing!)  You can see the whole post today on Style Me Pretty.



It was so fun to have newly engaged fashion blogger, Brynn Watkins, as our bride for the day!  And how amazing does she look in her gowns from Gabriella Bridal Salon?


Linsey from FaceTime Beauty rocked it on the Hair + Make-up!  Ow ow!





Brooklyn Caterer Loren of Naturally Delicious made the most yummy local summer cuisine...MY MOUTH IS STILL WATERING! (And I may have nibbled on the yumminess in-between shots:)


Swiss Cottage Designs created lovely + simple invites.  Swoon.







Photography:  Kat Harris

Creative Design + Florals:  Ara, Rock Paper Scissor Events

Venue:  The Green Building, Brooklyn NY.

Hair + Make-up:  Linsey, FaceTime Beauty

Gowns:  Gabriella Bridal Salon

Bride:  Brynn

Yummy Food:  Loren, Naturally Delicious

Invitations:  Swiss Cottage Designs


The Room on Main Wedding | Aaron + Bianca

My heart is full as I look over the moments from Bianca + Aaron's wedding.  They met their freshman year of high school and nearly 10 years later they are like two giddy school kids around each other.  Their love is infectious; it's contagious; it's special.  I am honored to have been apart of this day! TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-38 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-19


TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-20 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-24 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-1 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-3

TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-22 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-21 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-5TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-23 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-29 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-25 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-27TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-30 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-26 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-28 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-32TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-45 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-7 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-2 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-8TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-9TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-33 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-34TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-10 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-11 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-35TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-36 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-37 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-39TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-40 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-41 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-42TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-43 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-44


TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-46TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-31 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-47TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-48 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-49 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-50TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-51 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-53


TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-14 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-15TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-54 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-18 TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-17TheRoomonMainDallasWedding-16Venue:  The Room on Main

Coordination:  Amelia Samples LLC

Florals:  Antebellum Design

Thanks to my amazing second shooter:  Bradford Marten (you're the bomb.com)


Villa del Sol Wedding | Kyle + Nicole

VilladelSolFullertonWedding 01

Try to learn to breath deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really sleep.  Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell.  And when you get angry get good and angry.  Try to be alive...

-Ernest Hemingway

What I adore about Kyle and Nicole is their commitment to authenticity in their lives and relationships. They are alive in the fullest sense, and seek deep and meaningful experiences and friendships wherever they go.  I am honored to share their wedding photos with y'all.  Kyle and Nicole thank you for entrusting me to capture such a holy day.

VilladelSolFullertonWedding 02 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 03 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 04 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 05 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 06 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 07 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 08 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 09 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 10 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 11 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 12 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 13 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 14 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 15 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 16 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 17 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 18 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 19 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 20 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 21 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 22 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 23 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 24 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 25 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 26 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 27 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 28 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 29 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 30 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 31 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 32 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 33 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 34 (1) VilladelSolFullertonWedding 34 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 35

Venue:  Villa del Sol

Thanks Sarah Shreves for assisting me and being awesome!

Temecula Wedding | Steven + Julie

They floated through their wedding with flawless grace and light heartedness.  Surrounded by their closest friends and family they exchanged vows with honesty and beauty.  Steven and Julie's backyard Temecula Wedding had such a lovely intimacy to it.  Julie and Steven:  thank you so much for letting me capture your wonderful wedding!

End of the Year Faves | Weddings

2012... Where did you go?  You seem to have slipped through my fingers.  Once again I find myself at the end of another year, and let me tell you 2012 has been quite the year.  When this year started the word that came to mind for the next 12 months was transition.  I really did not know what that would entail, but it has entailed quite a bit.

This year I started my own business, which I honestly thought I would never do.  I feel like I have been thrown into this journey that I never expected to be on, and more than anything I feel so thankful.  Thankful for the opportunities, thankful for those of you who have supported and cheered me on, thankful for clients that trust me, and thankful oh-so-thankful that I get to wake up and do what I love to do.

This year, I have had the privilege to photograph some beautiful weddings!  Here are some of my favorite wedding images from 2012...

Stay Tuned for more of my 2012 faves:)


David + Jenn | George Key Ranch Wedding

For over ten years they have been partners-in-crime and best friends.  David and Jenn met and began dating in high school.  These two grew up together, and went off to college...and did what not many people do after high school...they remained together and each others constant companion.  It wasn't until Jenn was studying abroad in college that they both knew this was it. College passed, and the post college twenties began...and still the consistency of their love and friendship remained.  It was a privilege to photograph David and Jenn's lovely George Key Ranch wedding last month.  You two are so wonderful, and I'm so so thankful to have spent such a beautiful day with you!

Venue:  George Key Ranch

The Refined Woman | Sarah

Sarah Shreves:  LA Lifestyle + Wedding Photographer, Wardrobe Stylist.

Style wise Sarah puts me to shame.  She oozes LA through and through.  Basically she's so much cooler than I'll ever be.  What I love about Sarah is that no matter what she stays true to who she is, which in essence attracts her target market.  Please please check out her work HERE, she has shot some really rad stuff!

Photographed by:  Kat Harris

  • Why did you choose this outfit?  This outfit is all me:  comfortable, contemporary and clean.  I chose it because its all my go to pieces in one outfit.  You cannot go wrong with these staple pieces.
  • Was it a success or failure?  Why?  Total success..only for socal weddings that are super casual though.
  • Can you list the brands of all the major/key pieces from the look? Jacket:  Theyskens Theory (Similar); Shirt:  Zara (Similar); Leggings:  Zara (Similar); Shoes:  BCBG (Similar); Jewelry:  Feliks and Adriks

Aaron and Harper | Sneak Peak

Aaron and Harper met their first day of freshman year at USC. After college they moved to New York together to chase their dreams, all the while their relationship not only staying in tact but flourishing through each new season.

A few years later they decided to get  married, and I'm so happy they did.

Here's a sneak peak of their first look...