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Old Tappan Engagements | Alicia + Tommy


Last weekend I had the privilege of renting my first car in the city (oooof…it was a little scary!), and driving out to Old Tappan to photograph Alicia + Tommy's engagement session.   We spent the afternoon together telling stories, laughing, and running around in the snow and parks in their hometown.

Tommy and Alicia.  I mean really though...they're simply the cutest.  They've known each other since 8th grade, went to high school together, and went their separate ways.  It wasn't until years later when they both were done with school, and back in their hometown that they reconnected and instantly became more than friends.  Six months later Tommy popped the question, and Alicia said Y-E-S (obvi!).

When you spend time with these two; it seems like they've been together all along, this whole time since they were kids.  It's just right.  They're magnetically drawn to each other, and there is this sweetness about the way they interact with each other that makes my heart smile.

Guys I'm just so excited for your wedding!  Thanks for playing in the snow with me.  Can't wait for more adventures with y'all!


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