New York Street Style

The Refined Woman | Southern Weddings

Today I am so excited to feature Miss Marissa and Miss Kristin of Southern Weddings Magazine on The Refined Woman. These two ladies are the dolls I got to traipse through NYC with last week for Bridal 2013 Market.

One thing that stood out to me is that they stayed true to the Southern Weddings brand.  I think that is extremely important even as we photograph weddings, editorial, or meet with clients.  Our name and our whole person represent our brand, and yes that means the clothes we wear, and even the colors we choose within our wardrobe.

Now onto some yummy (that's my new word from Kristin) wardrobe selections from the Southern Weddings Ladies as they took over NYC last week.

Above is Miss Kristin in her to-die-for Lilly Pullitzer dress.  Can you get more southern than Lilly?  Here's what she had to say about the look:

  • Why did you choose this particular look for NY Bridal Market?  Shift dresses are one of my go-to favorites because they look professional and simultaneously functional.  I knew we would have a crazy first full day, so I wanted something withstand all the shuffling and still look respectable.
  • Was it a success or failure?  Why?  I thought it was a huge success because I felt comfortable and trendy, while definitely not ‘New York Chick’, it was true to my classic Southern style.
  • Can you list the brands of all the major/key pieces from the look? Dress:  Lilly Pulitzer (similar); Shoes:  Nine West ; Jewelry:  Pearls (gift from my parents)

This is what happened when I told them to be serious.

Sunday morning after the Ines di Santo show we hustled over to the High Line to grab some shots of Marissa.

Marissa your polka dots and sequins could not have been done in a more classy way.  (Side note folks notice her nail polish; it ties everything together quite nicely).

  • Why did you choose this particular look?  I chose the polka dot shirt because it made me feel like I came out of a Kate Spade look book! : ) I love Kate Spade, but the prices are a little steep, so the sequined collar + polka dots felt very KS without the price tag. I also chose paints that day because it was quite cold and I was refusing to wear a coat!
  • Was it a success or failure?  Why?  Both outfits were a success in my book:)
  • Can you list the brands of all the major/key pieces from the look?  Polka dot shirt:  Nordstrom Rack;  Black pants:  Loft ; Shoes:  Tory Burch; Belt: Nordstrom; Watch:  Michael Kors;  Necklace:  Moon and Lola; Bracelets:  David Yurman

All images photographed by:  Kat Harris

New York Street Style | Part III

The boldness to be you.  Not someone else, but truly owning the person that no one else can ever be:  YOU. That is what sticks out to me about my day three at Fashion Week.

This young lady may be the most radiant person I photographed all week.  She embodies beauty and confidence, and it was freeing to be around her.

No two are the same.  If I step back I begin to see that there is somewhat of a unity that happens within our differences.

New York Street Style | Part II

Day two in New York. To be honest this was not a good day.  I woke up exhausted with feet swollen (I made the mistake of wearing heels to FNO and walking over 5 miles, and was still paying for it).

However, I was ready and excited to start my day off at the Lacoste show.  On my way to the subway however, I walked almost a mile in the wrong direction.  Did I mention that it was hot and the humidity was at like 99%?  On top of that it then got super windy, and my wrap dress was becoming a total peep show to the world.

By the time I got to the subway I was dripping sweat, and had no intentions of being found by the Fashion Police due to my wrap dress that would not behave.  Sooo...I literally RAN back to my place in Brooklyn (in my 4-inch Tory Burch's), changed quickly and was headed out the door when it started pouring rain.

There was no way I was going to make the show.  Hot, sweaty, and defeated I decided the only productive thing I could do was take a nap since my next show wasn't until the evening.

After pulling myself together I spent a few hours at my new favorite coffee shop in SoHo:   Saturdays Surf NYC.  The coffee was delicious, and the patio in the back charming, and a great place to sip, journal and have some space.  Which is just what I did.

Not only is Saturdays Surf a great place to chill, but the people were rad.  Below is Saturday Surfs NYC manager Mitsu Lowe.

After a slow afternoon in SoHo I made my way to Lincoln Center for the Monique Lhullier show.  On my way in I grabbed a few shots of street style.

I knew my day was turning around when I ran into Karlie Kloss.  Umm...not only is she gorgeous, she was really really sweet.

Stay tuned for shots from Monique Lhullier's dreamy Spring Summer 2013 Collection.

New York Fashion Week Street Style | Part I

What surprised me about the trends I saw throughout Fashion Week was that there were so many different types of people, fashion, styles, trends. Sure, there were the ones that were glaringly standing out above the crowd:  leather, print pants, peplum shirts.

However, not one person was the same.  I love how fashion can truly be an extension of who you are, an art form of self expression.  There really are not that many rules.

The one rule that I've realized that I'm going to stick with is to just be me.  Be fully me, that is the most unique thing I will ever have to offer.

Lastly, I'm super excited to have photographed street style at New York Fashion Week for Lauren Scruggs and Shannon Yoachum and their publication LoLo Magazine.  Check out more of my street style pics on their site HERE.

Below is Ella Catliff of the London based fashion blog La Petite Anglaise.  To me this outfit was one of my favorite outfits all week because it was simple, feminine, classic, and elegant.  She isn't trying to hard, and/or trying to 'keep up'.  Ella is timeless in this outfit.

Another favorite:  I just love the simplicity of the white v-neck tee with a pencil skirt and tan belt to draw everything together.

This young lady is gorgeous.  But what I love about this seemless white ensemble is that when someone from the crowd yelled 'who are you wearing'.  She replied back 'It's ALL Zara'.  

See don't have to be a millionaire to dress fashionable.  It's the pieces you pick, and how you wear them:)

Below is LA blogger and stylist Cheyenne from Cheyenne meets Chanel.  You know I'm a sucker for a white blazer.  I Love her Rebecca Minkoff camera box green purse!

Minutes after the Rebecca Minkoff show as I was headed to lunch with some sweet ladies (Miss Lauren Scruggs and Shannon Yoachum.  If you don't know them, puh-lease check out the rad magazine Lolo).  Shannon kept talking about this girl that was wearing a blazer from Rebecca's SS 2013 collection.  Well we turned the corner, and found Miss Jules from Sincerely Jules rockin' the blazer.  I want.  I need. I want. I need.

The last show of my day was the Tommy Hilfiger SS Collection.  Much to my dismay they would not let us (Lauren, Shan, and myself) into the show.  So I stayed and got some shots as everyone was leaving.

Dear Tommy, please let me in next time.

Thanks, Kat.

Below left is Justin Doss, fashion editor of GQ.  Sigh.  So darling.

I may have not made it to the show, but I did meet these sweet guys that walked for Tommy.

I mean really, who doesn't like a guy in a well tailored suit and hat?  And that grin?

And that ends day one of New York Fashion Week Street Style.  More to come:)