San Diego Wedding

Craig and Mariana | San Diego Wedding

She was his big sis  in the business fraternity they were in during college.  There was a strict rule that you were not allowed to date your big. But Craig and Mariana decided to play by their own rules.  Between classes, study sessions, and spring formals they developed a relationship that has developed and grown over the years into a grounded, adventurous, and beautiful love.

A few weeks ago I was beyond thrilled to photograph their San Diego wedding.  You see...I've secretly been so excited for this day.  Ever since their engagement session I knew these two were going to have such a fun wedding...and (as I pat myself on the back) I was right.  The whole day was just magical, and a lot of Mariana's family flew in from Central America...and  And dance they did.  All the night long!

Mariana and Craig I hope y'all are having the time of your lives on your honeymoon!  Shooting your wedding was such a gift!

We were trying to have a quiet moment between the sisters, and this is what transpired.  I think I like this better:)

While I was with the ladies my amazing assistant for the day, Emily Blake, grabbed shots of the guys getting ready.'re the  There I said it.

This image of Mariana getting her dress unbustled is one of my favorite moments of the day.  She has such a confident beauty.

While I was shooting portraits of Craig and Mariana Emily grabbed some killer reception details!