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End of the Year Wedding Faves | 2013

CalamigosRanchWedding 18

 To risk is to love, and to love  is to fully live.  Cheers to a beautiful 2013.




SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 05







CalamigosRanchWedding 06










SarehNouriWeddingGown.EnchantedAtelier 01






CalamigosRanchWedding 09



CalamigosRanchWedding 07


CalamigosRanchWedding 04

CalamigosRanchWedding 13


CalamigosRanchWedding 20




CalamigosRanchWedding 15

CalamigosRanchWedding 21











CalamigosRanchWedding 26


CalamigosRanchWedding 30








CalamigosRanchWedding 31











































Calamigos Ranch Wedding | Andrew + Violeta

CalamigosRanchWedding 01

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in Malibu.  The weather was perfect; there was a tiny hint of crisp fall wrapped in the warmth of sunny Southern California.  They played Album Leaf and Gypsy Kings throughout the day if that gives you any hint of the feel of this wonderful couple.  Andrew and Violeta met years ago on set filming a movie.  By the end of filming they were an item, and have been partners ever since.

Andrew and Violeta as you are both incredibly talented creatives it was an honor and privilege to photograph your wedding.  Thank you for entrusting me...and I hope Hawaii is amazing!

CalamigosRanchWedding 02 CalamigosRanchWedding 03 CalamigosRanchWedding 04 CalamigosRanchWedding 05 CalamigosRanchWedding 06 CalamigosRanchWedding 07 CalamigosRanchWedding 08 CalamigosRanchWedding 09 CalamigosRanchWedding 10 CalamigosRanchWedding 12 CalamigosRanchWedding 13

There are so many reasons why I adore First Looks; it's this quite space of time between the bride and the groom where in the midst of a whirlwind of a day they get these quiet moments together.  Andrew and Violeta's first look brought tears to my eyes.  They were both so nervous and excited, yet when they saw each other it was like their souls just let out a big breath of air.  It was so lovely to be be there for it.

CalamigosRanchWedding 14 CalamigosRanchWedding 15 CalamigosRanchWedding 16 CalamigosRanchWedding 17 CalamigosRanchWedding 18 CalamigosRanchWedding 19 CalamigosRanchWedding 20 CalamigosRanchWedding 21 CalamigosRanchWedding 22

Violeta is a make-up artist inLA, and she did her own make-up for her wedding; it was FLAWLESS.

CalamigosRanchWedding 23 CalamigosRanchWedding 24 CalamigosRanchWedding 25 CalamigosRanchWedding 26 CalamigosRanchWedding 27 CalamigosRanchWedding 28 CalamigosRanchWedding 29 CalamigosRanchWedding 30 CalamigosRanchWedding 31 CalamigosRanchWedding 32 CalamigosRanchWedding 33 CalamigosRanchWedding 34 CalamigosRanchWedding 35 CalamigosRanchWedding 36

Venue:  Calamigos Ranch

Coordinator:  Mindy Events

Assistant:  Emily Blake

Villa del Sol Wedding | Kyle + Nicole

VilladelSolFullertonWedding 01

Try to learn to breath deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really sleep.  Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell.  And when you get angry get good and angry.  Try to be alive...

-Ernest Hemingway

What I adore about Kyle and Nicole is their commitment to authenticity in their lives and relationships. They are alive in the fullest sense, and seek deep and meaningful experiences and friendships wherever they go.  I am honored to share their wedding photos with y'all.  Kyle and Nicole thank you for entrusting me to capture such a holy day.

VilladelSolFullertonWedding 02 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 03 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 04 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 05 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 06 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 07 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 08 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 09 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 10 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 11 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 12 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 13 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 14 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 15 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 16 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 17 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 18 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 19 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 20 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 21 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 22 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 23 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 24 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 25 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 26 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 27 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 28 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 29 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 30 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 31 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 32 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 33 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 34 (1) VilladelSolFullertonWedding 34 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 35

Venue:  Villa del Sol

Thanks Sarah Shreves for assisting me and being awesome!

Temecula Wedding | Steven + Julie

They floated through their wedding with flawless grace and light heartedness.  Surrounded by their closest friends and family they exchanged vows with honesty and beauty.  Steven and Julie's backyard Temecula Wedding had such a lovely intimacy to it.  Julie and Steven:  thank you so much for letting me capture your wonderful wedding!

La Venta Inn | Brittany + Todd

The grand moments in our lives act as guideposts to look back on as specific spaces in time reminding us of goodness, beauty, truth, holiness.  I love the grand moments; it's one reason why I love weddings so much.  Weddings are so powerful. However, lately it has not been the grand moments in life that have been most compelling to me.  It has been the tiny moments leading up to the climax that have moved me.

The significance of a bride putting on her veil.

A groom seeing his bride for the first time.

Bridesmaids in the corner giggling as they get their dresses on.

It's these tiny almost forgotten moments that lead us to the grand ones.  I felt so moved by the small moments throughout Brittany and Todd's wedding day.  A wedding is not significant only as one promises their vows; it is the moments, days, months, even years of time leading upto it that make it such a life changing day.

Enjoy Brittany + Todd's La Venta Inn wedding:)

Bishop Arts District Wedding | Elle + James

When I really think about a wedding, and all that it means; it sort of stops me in my steps. The idea that two people with two different backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, dreams, and heartaches come together to choose the other for the rest of their time...forever.  When I think about the gravity of that; it's mind blowing to me.

Love means choosing the whole person, the good, the bad, all of it.  We are multi-faceted beings, and love says I choose you and all that you are.  This is holy; it is something altogether other, something bigger than us.

Some weddings that I photograph the holiness of it all brings me to stillness.  Elle and James' wedding did just that.  (There was a point during the ceremony that I didn't know if I could make it through because the tears were streaming down my cheeks!  Don't worry...I pulled it together!)

I just cannot get over their fierce love for one another; it's beautiful and life giving and freeing.

Elle and James, I could not have imagined a more beautiful and holy day for the two of you.

I love y'all to the moon + back.