bishop arts district wedding

Bishop Arts District Wedding | Elle + James

When I really think about a wedding, and all that it means; it sort of stops me in my steps. The idea that two people with two different backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, dreams, and heartaches come together to choose the other for the rest of their time...forever.  When I think about the gravity of that; it's mind blowing to me.

Love means choosing the whole person, the good, the bad, all of it.  We are multi-faceted beings, and love says I choose you and all that you are.  This is holy; it is something altogether other, something bigger than us.

Some weddings that I photograph the holiness of it all brings me to stillness.  Elle and James' wedding did just that.  (There was a point during the ceremony that I didn't know if I could make it through because the tears were streaming down my cheeks!  Don't worry...I pulled it together!)

I just cannot get over their fierce love for one another; it's beautiful and life giving and freeing.

Elle and James, I could not have imagined a more beautiful and holy day for the two of you.

I love y'all to the moon + back.