The Refined Woman | Dara

There's no better way to kick of my first post of The Refined Woman, than with the lovely NYC Photographer Miss Dara...
Photographed by:  Trent Bailey
  • Why did you choose this outfit? I love this particular pairing of pieces because it allows me to be me, while still looking like a professional (and a girl).
  • Was it a success or failure?  Why? This outfit has been a total success for me this year.  I have even paired this skirt with various tops and it works every time. I love the double-serge cotton fabric that J.Crew uses for these pencil skirts (I have a few other solid colors that I LOVE). The stretch of the fabric and fit of the skirt makes it so easy to run around in and squat and get every angle I need on the wedding day. And this print camouflages everything, so I never have to stress about whether or not I have dirt on me. The cotton/lenin blend button down is perfect for summer weddings because it's loose, breathes well, and is just plain comfy. And due to the nature of the fabric, no need to worry with ironing. The wrinkles and rolled sleeves totally work in its favor. The only downfall with this top is it will show EVERY drop of perspiration! But unless you wear white, black, or navy, that's pretty hard to disguise. Add a basic leather belt and P&O bowtie and you're good to go!
  • Can you list the brands of all the major/key pieces from the look?  Skirt: J.Crew    Top: Uniqlo   Bowtie: Preston&Olivia  Wedges: Gianni Bini

I myself am a total fan of the JCrew Pencil skirt, and love this look!  What do y'all think?