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2013 Engagements

Simply put:  I love love, and am honored that people allow me to capture moments on their journey. There were a few couples that touched my heart in a special way, and I wanted to share some of my favorite moments of them with you.  Happy 2013 friends!



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What started off as a beautiful fall day quickly turned into a freezing winter afternoon.  In a matter of an hour; it dropped about 15 degrees, and started sprinkling rain.  Jessie and Gerard cabbed over to Central Park with their dog Sadie, and they got stuck in traffic (typical NYC moment).  By the time we started shooting it was about 32 degrees, and the sun was quickly setting.  We had about 35 minutes, and had to call it a day.  But what happened in those 35 minutes was pretty special.  Not once did these two say it was cold, and going through the pictures all I could see between them was warmth.   Jessie + Gerard made my job incredibly easy!

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Karlin + Matt.  I'm not quite sure what to even say about these two except for that I think Karlin and I may be twins separated at birth.  This girl is my homegirl.  We connected instantly, and Matthew won my heart with his southern charm and hospitality.  We shot all afternoon in this natural light studio in Georgia, and it was fun to stay in the same place and try to make it new with each image.  When I sent Karlin a preview of the images, she messaged me back and said "how did I get such a hot husband".  Even writing those words; it just makes me giggle.  These two are pretty amazing.

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What I loved about Ellen and Jon's sunrise session on Brooklyn Bridge were those moments in-between.  I always saw pictures from Brooklyn Bridge where it was deserted, but now that I live here I realize that is hardly ever the case.  We arrived at the bridge before the sun was even above the horizon to get some shots without all the crowds.  There were still people scattered about, bikers, runners, people going to work.  When people got in the way I'd drop my camera and wait for them to pass, but then I realized those were the most real moments between Ellen and Jon.  The moments when it was just them; it felt real and there was this depth to them.

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Matt and Jenn are some of my best friends from LA.  When Matt called me the week before, and asked me to photograph his proposal I near about fell out of my chair.  I can honestly say I have never been more nervous to shoot anything in my life.  Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I saw Matt get down on one knee.  These pictures are extra special to me.

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Corrie + Jason drove up from San Diego to shoot at sunrise on Balboa Island.  They've been married for several years, and wanted to capture who they are now.  Photographing married couples is one of my favorite things because there is this level of comfortability between the couple that can truly only come with time.  Their love has surpassed that giddy puppy love honeymoon he/she can't do anything wrong phase, and has transitioned into this awareness of I see you, the whole of you, your good, your bad, your potential, your dreams, your failures, and I choose you.  All of you.  To me this is when love becomes more real; it becomes a choice.


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And lastly Kyle and Nicole.  This is one of the last engagement shoots I did in California before moving, and it was everything I hoped it would be.  That perfect golden light lingered for what seemed like hours, and we just slowly took our time.  We would take a few shots, and then just chat about life, take a few more shots, and then explore.  Kyle and Nicole are such calm and peaceful people, and everything about my moments with them exuded those beautiful qualities.

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