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Bruno + Yuri | Times Square Lifestyle Session

Bruno and Yuri met over 8 years ago when they were set up on a blind date.  Yuri is a designer, and Bruno is on the police force in San Paolo Brasil.  Something just clicked on that first date, and they have been together ever since. Here’s the fun part:  these two just got married in Brasil and are on an epic honeymoon journey starting here in New York City, then they’re off to Tokyo, and finally Rome before heading home!  In each city they’re getting their pictures done to capture their honeymoon in all of its different stages.   I was honored that I got to capture them here in The Big Apple.

Lucky for them we had their session the day before Polar Vortex Parte dos visited Manhattan.  We started at the rooftop of their eclectic hotel Pod 39, headed to Grand Central, had adventures on the subway, literally ran through Times Square, and played at Rockafeller Plaza.  It was a photography session of epic proportions, and what I loved about our time is how genuine and grounded they both are.  They have such security in their love; it was beautiful to witness.

Yuri + Bruno enjoy your travels, and thanks so much for allowing me to be apart of your journey!

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