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Villa del Sol Wedding | Kyle + Nicole

VilladelSolFullertonWedding 01

Try to learn to breath deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really sleep.  Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell.  And when you get angry get good and angry.  Try to be alive...

-Ernest Hemingway

What I adore about Kyle and Nicole is their commitment to authenticity in their lives and relationships. They are alive in the fullest sense, and seek deep and meaningful experiences and friendships wherever they go.  I am honored to share their wedding photos with y'all.  Kyle and Nicole thank you for entrusting me to capture such a holy day.

VilladelSolFullertonWedding 02 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 03 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 04 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 05 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 06 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 07 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 08 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 09 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 10 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 11 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 12 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 13 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 14 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 15 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 16 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 17 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 18 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 19 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 20 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 21 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 22 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 23 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 24 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 25 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 26 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 27 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 28 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 29 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 30 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 31 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 32 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 33 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 34 (1) VilladelSolFullertonWedding 34 VilladelSolFullertonWedding 35

Venue:  Villa del Sol

Thanks Sarah Shreves for assisting me and being awesome!