spring wedding

La Venta Inn | Brittany + Todd

The grand moments in our lives act as guideposts to look back on as specific spaces in time reminding us of goodness, beauty, truth, holiness.  I love the grand moments; it's one reason why I love weddings so much.  Weddings are so powerful. However, lately it has not been the grand moments in life that have been most compelling to me.  It has been the tiny moments leading up to the climax that have moved me.

The significance of a bride putting on her veil.

A groom seeing his bride for the first time.

Bridesmaids in the corner giggling as they get their dresses on.

It's these tiny almost forgotten moments that lead us to the grand ones.  I felt so moved by the small moments throughout Brittany and Todd's wedding day.  A wedding is not significant only as one promises their vows; it is the moments, days, months, even years of time leading upto it that make it such a life changing day.

Enjoy Brittany + Todd's La Venta Inn wedding:)