Calamigos Ranch Wedding | Andrew + Violeta

CalamigosRanchWedding 01

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in Malibu.  The weather was perfect; there was a tiny hint of crisp fall wrapped in the warmth of sunny Southern California.  They played Album Leaf and Gypsy Kings throughout the day if that gives you any hint of the feel of this wonderful couple.  Andrew and Violeta met years ago on set filming a movie.  By the end of filming they were an item, and have been partners ever since.

Andrew and Violeta as you are both incredibly talented creatives it was an honor and privilege to photograph your wedding.  Thank you for entrusting me...and I hope Hawaii is amazing!

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There are so many reasons why I adore First Looks; it's this quite space of time between the bride and the groom where in the midst of a whirlwind of a day they get these quiet moments together.  Andrew and Violeta's first look brought tears to my eyes.  They were both so nervous and excited, yet when they saw each other it was like their souls just let out a big breath of air.  It was so lovely to be be there for it.

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Violeta is a make-up artist inLA, and she did her own make-up for her wedding; it was FLAWLESS.

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Venue:  Calamigos Ranch

Coordinator:  Mindy Events

Assistant:  Emily Blake