Photo c/o Em the Gem

Hi.  I’m Kat, and I’m a New York based wedding photographer.

But you should also know that I am a daughter, sister, friend, yogi, Beyonce and Justin Bieber lover (don’t hate), adventurer, dreamer, doer, woman of faith, writer, speaker, aspiring hip hop dancer, and back up singer, and…well I could go on, but I think this is good for now.  My daily goal is to see how long I can wear my yoga pants before putting on ‘real clothes’.  (Don’t worry, I won’t wear yoga clothes to your wedding…unless you don’t mind :)

Oh ya, and I love love.  I’m a hopeless romantic.

To me there’s something holy about a wedding day.  In the chaos of life, a wedding is a pause, a celebration of something so much bigger than ourselves.  It’s this culmination of two people on different journeys that have collided together in such a way that they each say “I choose you, all of you, your best, your ugly, your dreams, your hopes, all of it.  So let’s do this for the next 70 years!”.  With each wedding I photograph the awe of that moment never ceases to catch my breath.  

You see, I believe life is a compilation of the experiences in-between the actual moments.  The light, laughter, movement, and intimacy captured in those tiny almost-forgotten flashes of our days are what catches my eye.  My soul comes to life when I get to be a part of a couple’s unique journey for a space in time.  It has become a deeper love in my life than I could have imagined.  

I cannot wait to see the magic we will create together.  Cheers to the journey and those tiny moments that create the stories of our lives!